Twitch Hot Tubs & Bitconnect Carlos Calls In - H3 After Dark # 34

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ᴜɴʙxᴛʜᴇʀᴇᴅ 37 minuter sedan
anyone know where Hila’s pink headband with gems is from?
Hannah Oates
Hannah Oates 22 timmar sedan
tittie streamers are sad for women. as a whole. no women will be more famous livestreaming if her boobz arnt out
Hannah Oates
Hannah Oates Dag sedan
i h8 dan
Hannah Oates
Hannah Oates 23 timmar sedan
theres only 1 spot avaliable for a straight awkward cis bearded man, n we all know thats ian
Hannah Oates
Hannah Oates 23 timmar sedan
hes such a chad, ive always felt this way
j a y d e a m b e r
j a y d e a m b e r Dag sedan
Arghhhh make the licking stop omg so cringy ewww like nails on a chalk board.
MrDannyloco Dag sedan
People saying the ok sign stands for white power is like saying the buddha symbol stands for nazis. Don't let racists gatekeep :)
Leithel Dag sedan
Living in Las Vegas and hearing Hila say sink water is fine has me shocked.
Tony Rios
Tony Rios Dag sedan
Ethan - You lost your partnership because you broke the contract you agreed to when you were offered partner. In the contract there's an agreement to not stream on any competitor site. So when you went back to stream on youtube, you broke the contract, which gave them the right to revoke your partnership status. Granted, plenty of people do what you did and nothing happens, but you are also a very high profile streamer, so they found out about it, and did what they did to set an example. That's my theory, at least.
Beyhnji Dag sedan
1:23:35 Ethan finally gets it. The internet is Neverland, keeping Peter pan from ever growing up, living in a fantasy forever.
Banting Gamer
Banting Gamer Dag sedan
carlos is the best
bailey 2 dagar sedan
"if it's hila it's s, always" awwwe
Arnis Lapsa
Arnis Lapsa 2 dagar sedan
wasso wasso wasso
Rudi McEwan
Rudi McEwan 2 dagar sedan
Ethan loving on Hila is everything!!!
Anthony Carrera
Anthony Carrera 2 dagar sedan
The whole sleeping on live thing was actually being really popular on TikTok some months back! I always thought it was weird! With peace and love
Epictheking 2 dagar sedan
The twitch thing is really bad for woman because it shows new girls to the platform, that that's what they have to do to get big which is bad
Rapto 2 dagar sedan
Zach is a needy manchild who is mad Jane Wilde dropped his ass.
MrJamininja 2 dagar sedan
Twitch is as cancerous as tiktok .
pikachulovable 2 dagar sedan
I’d get fined over putting that nasty mask back on
exzisd 2 dagar sedan
The wiki feet team SHOULD investigate Epstein's death. They'd probably get within an inch, maybe even a foot, of who did it.
Paige Luening
Paige Luening 2 dagar sedan
Zach’s narcissism was a joke at first... but bro... I don’t think it’s a joke anymore 😂
Marq Perigrine
Marq Perigrine 2 dagar sedan
Ethan asking Carlos for a sneak peak on the life coaching reminds me of that episode of The Office where Jim is interviewing candidates and this one guy has a 15 step plan or something to grow the business, but will only give him part 2 of section B or something lol. Peace and Love.
waylorudd 3 dagar sedan
everything except his wallets
Misamisapizza 3 dagar sedan
Ethan and hila are the best couple to ever exist and I swear by that
MrDannyloco 3 dagar sedan
1:33:51 someone in the background said "wuutuuu fuck" and its sending me
Veronica Harding
Veronica Harding 3 dagar sedan
Random but Ethan and Trisha should do the spicy ramen challenge on frenemies
Eucis93 3 dagar sedan
This podcast has helped me too, I've been stuck at home with a broken leg waiting for surgery since February and you guys help keep my mind off the pain when it's bad and also help me feel less alone if I can't sleep. I have a hard time accepting compliments too so I won't give any, but just know that the goofing is really important for alot of us!
MeganThePhoenix 3 dagar sedan
Me or someone really needs to make a 2 minute video and title it "Hila fed up with Ethan for 2 mins straight" Ethan: "well technically they do have a WAP because they're in a hot tub..." Hila: "aHa I wAsNt ThInKiNg Of ThAt" Its such a mood, the smirk, side eye and tone of voice GoldenMoments 🤣
cold play
cold play 3 dagar sedan
jaysin 3 dagar sedan
Watch out for safejesus also
Flodde 4 dagar sedan
I don't understand your point of view on the hottub streams Ethan I expected you out of all people to realise the problem that these girls will bring to the platform Your point that you could see anyone on the beach with a bikini isn't a valid argument. Since at that point you're not glorifying and pushing your ass/tits towards the camera. As these hottub streamers precisely do.
Shrek's#1Fan 4 dagar sedan
The ending; white nationalist always ruin everything
Shrek's#1Fan 4 dagar sedan
Why ab double cheeked up in the pool 😩
NvrStpGaming 4 dagar sedan
Guys seriously you're falling for the stupid ass 4chan meme about the okay sign being a white power sign?
Francisco J. Morazan
Francisco J. Morazan 4 dagar sedan
Nobody else thinks Ethan should do Life Coaching with Carlos?
Kale Staf
Kale Staf 4 dagar sedan
1:25:59 I was literally so happy when he accidentally clicked on the sleeping kittens stream
Sakura .K
Sakura .K 4 dagar sedan
Free Palestine 🇵🇸
Kantb Tamed
Kantb Tamed 4 dagar sedan
Cats eating local birds is a big problem. I’m glad you’re being sensible about not wanting it to be outside. Mine had a long lead in the backyard anchored to a tree so she can be outside, but she likes the inside more anyways.
Faux 4 dagar sedan
Safemoon is actually legitimate
M F 4 dagar sedan
Zach is trolling. It's a bit. Chilll
4 dagar sedan
Pick up your trash
Hannah Nolan
Hannah Nolan 5 dagar sedan
Ethan lingo - ‘Let’s re - race history’ Translation - a combination of ‘erase’ and ‘re write’ *Chef kiss *
Conner Wilson
Conner Wilson 5 dagar sedan
Keana Dianne
Keana Dianne 5 dagar sedan
the fact that everything carlos was saying is low key actually good advice weirds me out
Rain Abbott
Rain Abbott 5 dagar sedan
Sorry, Carlos. It just sounds like a bunch of expensive bullsh*t
e 1
e 1 5 dagar sedan
Ab in the pool is funny af
e 1
e 1 5 dagar sedan
why does ethan give himself such a hard time about his weight he is not big at all?there isn’t anything wrong with being big but he’s not at all
Valeria Martinez
Valeria Martinez 5 dagar sedan
shoutout to ethan for not wanting to be an irresponsible cat owner, surprised dan is so okay with outdoor cats
supamayn17 5 dagar sedan
You toothpaste in your mouth so the fluoride can work into your teeth, I think.
ᗰᗩᗰI ᑕᕼᑌᒪᗩ
ᗰᗩᗰI ᑕᕼᑌᒪᗩ 5 dagar sedan
1:10:09 What Ethan said at this timestamp will blow your gasket!!!
Anthony Peck
Anthony Peck 5 dagar sedan
Not a fan of these fake phone-in bits. I don't really see the point.
Mattias Johansson
Mattias Johansson 5 dagar sedan
Carlos, lovely guy, but the price? Helping people? Naa, yeah, no, yes, naaa maybe no, nonono.
maxwell 5 dagar sedan
get you a man who says "STOP. you look _stunning_ today... dude"
mika 5 dagar sedan
u guys just need to rescue an indoor cat, that’s what i did, my cat used to live in the streets and now he’s scared of going outside, we leave the doors open and he just doesn’t care
Michelle 5 dagar sedan
Bryce Rodgers
Bryce Rodgers 5 dagar sedan
Carlos the king
LO VE 6 dagar sedan
carlos is actually not wrong, too bad he ran with the wrong thing, i would get life coaching from him
Jash 6 dagar sedan
1:03:08 dan crying the back
Jash 6 dagar sedan
54:46 is how i respond when my grandmas telling me a story
Jash 6 dagar sedan
52:15 you can just hear Hila cracking up lolll. I lost it
Jash 6 dagar sedan
51:13 when he starts selling himself is my fav part
Rachel St Pierre
Rachel St Pierre 6 dagar sedan
Welcome H3 podcast noobs truly glad you’re here, but I am here to update ya’ll that the thing with Zach and the chair is a “schtick” as Ethan would say. Some of their sarcasm is more tasteful than other times but I’m here for it all! So let’s be nice to Zachy boy. Love you guys!
Julien Nogueras
Julien Nogueras 6 dagar sedan
Safemoon isn't a scam. Every time someone sells 10% of their tokens are burned. 400trillion are already gone. The goal is to get to 100billion tokens and even lower. It's deflationary.
Julien Nogueras
Julien Nogueras 6 dagar sedan
They're also Certik certified and audited and are one of the most secure cryptos. The largest invested aren't even the team that started it. They're addicting it to binance soon and other exchanges. SAFEMOON IS HERE TO STAY!!!
Sal Saucy
Sal Saucy 6 dagar sedan
Wish Love would talk a bit more. He's a fun addition to have.
Isaiah 6 dagar sedan
Hopped up on gfuel and 1.7 K/D ratios....BRUH, this Ben impersonator had me fuckin weak 😂😂😂😂
iMeatbag 6 dagar sedan
Holy shit... Ethan's face is wider than it is tall now. Karma looks good on you two.
Bebe Xo
Bebe Xo 6 dagar sedan
I really love Carlos, what a wholesome dude
Tha WowInc
Tha WowInc 6 dagar sedan
At 1 hour 48minute mark i think ethan finding out hes being sued by triller.. Thats why hes askin dan and ian, if they see what hes highlighting
Tha WowInc
Tha WowInc 6 dagar sedan
And prolly why he hasnt uploaded another off the rails episode and friday dark epi
Alleisha S
Alleisha S 6 dagar sedan
A bird singing contest hsahhaaahhaah
Alexis Pajaro
Alexis Pajaro 6 dagar sedan
bro not to be dramatic but i deadass might just stick to frenemies cus i can’t stand zach and how everyone gangs up on AB 🙄 whether it’s a bit or not it’s not even funny, like at this point it’s so annoying it was funnier when everyone got along and could all be making jokes together
seewolf 6 dagar sedan
FFS Ethan how can you think the Mia Khalifa video is real. It's such bad acting and so obviously faked for a meme. It's posted by a friend of hers and why the fuck would she ever even do that in the first place. You used to be the guy that cut through the bullshit.
オルソンフィリップ 6 dagar sedan
Childish Gambino remix is best
Sal Saucy
Sal Saucy 6 dagar sedan
People getting mad at titty streamers are ridiculous. Just don't watch them, it's an incredibly simple fix lmao. If u wanna watch games, watch games. They're just making bank off the simps. Edit: those earlick streams are the one we should be after. That shit sounds disgusting 😂
Jaden Revis
Jaden Revis 6 dagar sedan
Can we get a sound bite of Carlos lip smack at 43:00 please I’m begging you
BoB The Movie Guy
BoB The Movie Guy 6 dagar sedan
Please go see a chiropractor before talking your nonsense Ethan.
candace 7 dagar sedan
ABA therapy is child abuse and the autistic community does not accept it, it leads to lifelong trauma and burnout later in life
YellowgirlXD 7 dagar sedan
Fiona Chambers
Fiona Chambers 7 dagar sedan
Where’s Ian???
Conquistador Crabton
Conquistador Crabton 7 dagar sedan
**swedish dude doesn't wash mouth after brushing teeth** Ethan: Man, Sweden is so advanced.
zamlar9628 7 dagar sedan
Dans love for shredder recently is the best
Jessica Mitchell
Jessica Mitchell 7 dagar sedan
Can we just talk about Hila's outfit tho?? 😍😍😍😍 She always looks so damn good! Keep slaying Queen 👑💖
Brandon Sayring
Brandon Sayring 7 dagar sedan
TronaNmo 7 dagar sedan
The white power OK sign thing was a joke created by 4Chan. I dont think anyone actually have used it unironically. Or were stringed into it like the whole iPhone trolling (waterproof, microwave, etc)
Ya Boi Lyd
Ya Boi Lyd 7 dagar sedan
It was really nice to see more of love this episode!
Devin Seitz
Devin Seitz 7 dagar sedan
The vast majority of the people of the bitconnect scheme were scammed out of money. Carlos is not a cool guy.
Life follows
Life follows 7 dagar sedan
Peeping in after taking a break and...😬...maybe next time
rosa rodr
rosa rodr 7 dagar sedan
That Carlos interview was crazy lmao
Jojolexxx 7 dagar sedan
Man, Zach needs to grow up. We all know AB is being the bigger person and is giving his chair away because “he has no room”. We know damn right he has room in his apartment for it but is choosing to make Zach happy. Also the fact that they’re making AB drop the chair off too??? Like no. Zach acts like a child, whines about wanting it, then he should go pick it up.
Erinkelly __
Erinkelly __ 7 dagar sedan
This was fun lol
arianna k
arianna k 7 dagar sedan
PLEASE cover SEpostr Nikki Phillipi KILLING her dog, but taking an instagram photoshoot beforehand
jasmine 7 dagar sedan
KathwithaK 7 dagar sedan
Just want to show some love for the impersonators after the live chat crapped on them. I actually really like the Ben impersonator and find these parts hilarious!!
Tashalynnx 7 dagar sedan
The Ben Shapiro bit is not funny and annoying.. I always skip past it. Get the real Ben on.. that would be actually interesting
candace 7 dagar sedan
it’s a joke
Riley Soriano
Riley Soriano 7 dagar sedan
Another layer to the okay symbol. I learned about it in central California in sports broadcasting but it was used as a joke between crew members like a “made ya look” kinda thing. Camera men would flash that in front of the camera and the production truck would all kinda mutter in response usually in more low key or lax production settings. As soon as the white power thing came out about It though from my understanding what I was seeing all stopped.
Ariela G Ross91
Ariela G Ross91 7 dagar sedan
Ethan unlocked the twitch algorithm it’s an ecosystem
miranda leffler
miranda leffler 7 dagar sedan
bro talk about how your video about david n james got taken down
Ariela G Ross91
Ariela G Ross91 7 dagar sedan
Carlos life coach should be a segment now
Maddy Bouchard
Maddy Bouchard 7 dagar sedan
I’m dying a hot tub ad came on in the middle of this 😂😂😂
Ariela G Ross91
Ariela G Ross91 7 dagar sedan
“Evening w Ethan Klein” 😂💛
Ariela G Ross91
Ariela G Ross91 7 dagar sedan
Hilas face when “extra large and extra hard” came on at 6:32 😂😂👌
InLikeSin 7 dagar sedan
“Carlos deserves the chair” LMFAO that comment was gold
Kevin Broadway
Kevin Broadway 7 dagar sedan
How does he not know asianandys sleeping streams?!?!?!
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