Responding To David Dobrik's Apology - Frenemies # 28

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Meghan Cloud
Meghan Cloud 13 timmar sedan
I’m watching this a month later before Jeff released the footage about his eye and Trisha is completely right! Saying Jeff is a different Jeff now
Derek Dodson
Derek Dodson Dag sedan
29 ads...
Luna Romanov
Luna Romanov Dag sedan
david is broke
Nancy Wilson
Nancy Wilson 2 dagar sedan
You guys need to fix Trishas mic stand. She has to hold it down every episode..... with peace and love.... xx
nikki beray
nikki beray 2 dagar sedan
ok but can we talk how GEORGEEEJAAASS trish is here. like the natural hair, the no-make-up make up lewk. 😩
Kara Viscusi
Kara Viscusi 2 dagar sedan
Why do David's eyes not move or blink?
Mr. Sparklebutt
Mr. Sparklebutt 2 dagar sedan
Ethan: asking where Jeff is Trisha: defending Jeff Jeff: appears in a clip 2 seconds later Edit: the time stamp is 1:18:40
CheesecakeLasagna 3 dagar sedan
The first time I heard Durte Dom’s name during the Seth situation, I legit typed in “Dirty Dom” because I thought that was his online name.
Cave-boii Lemon
Cave-boii Lemon 3 dagar sedan
mariam Hilal
mariam Hilal 3 dagar sedan
"You remindme of gypsy " i CANT
Ally Bailey
Ally Bailey 4 dagar sedan
Coincidence? The "swat call" came minutes after they mentioned Keemstar. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Ally Bailey
Ally Bailey 5 dagar sedan
Ethan harnassing that feminst energy is the best character development of 2021!
Hannah 5 dagar sedan
it’s a shame that the word “sociopath” has been thrown around so much over the past couple of years, because now I think socially it doesn’t hold as much weight anymore. People don’t take the accusation seriously or believe it. But I really do think David is a sociopath, or something along those lines. He reminds me so much of a former bf I had. He was the most manipulative person I’ve ever met, and strung me along through some shit that before him I would have never even thought of doing. He had those dead, lifeless eyes and super forced over the top smile too. Whenever I see those types of eyes in a person I can never trust anything they do or say.
*・゚ pup asmr ・゚*
*・゚ pup asmr ・゚* 5 dagar sedan
trisha looks so beautiful!!! as always :)
Makenzie Paionk
Makenzie Paionk 5 dagar sedan
Wait you guys said the video is from March 2020 but the date says March 2021?
Emily Bushman
Emily Bushman 6 dagar sedan
Man I love Trisha
Cave-boii Lemon
Cave-boii Lemon 3 dagar sedan
Yeah c: they've grown.
Josi Pereira
Josi Pereira 6 dagar sedan
Trisha you look so good here!!!!!
Molly Queen
Molly Queen 7 dagar sedan
Yo, I’m a no one and I’ve spoken to Dom on Instagram.
India Harpham
India Harpham 8 dagar sedan
Can anyone link the subreddit for frenamies please?
Lana Freeman
Lana Freeman 8 dagar sedan
1:33:30 and that’s on loving yourself and mental health what a queen 👑
Julia Lightner
Julia Lightner 8 dagar sedan
cool xox
cool xox 8 dagar sedan
David did the bare minimum, like idk why people were praising him for the apology video. He should've acknowledged the victims and said their names way earlier.
Evan Price
Evan Price 8 dagar sedan
1:30:00 ish- they always referred to themselves as “characters” and the vlogs as “productions” or “bits” but even your most underfunded production has checks and balances. It's absolutely off the wall that David went so long without any kind of resource for the people he paid (either in money or clout) to be in his vlogs. Disgusting. I’d never made the connection of it being a movie when it's convenient and guerilla production otherwise
Laiman Tukumoeatu
Laiman Tukumoeatu 8 dagar sedan
Ahhhhhh she killed her Mom!!!!!😳😳😳
juliejewels 9 dagar sedan
He also forcefully kissed Katy perry
Amyra Davies
Amyra Davies 9 dagar sedan
I now this is sirs but the" posts by bigstinkyballs" I cant
Andreina Vargas
Andreina Vargas 10 dagar sedan
Love that trishas starbucks drink matches he shirt. That’s ✨fashion✨
Vijaya 10 dagar sedan
i feel like i heard her say she was calm during the wittick interview bc ethan was there, but idr when, anyone know the time stamp?
Kenna W.
Kenna W. 10 dagar sedan
This podcast makes me want to be their friend
Ben VB
Ben VB 11 dagar sedan
Trisha is basically running this channel. I didnt know people actually watched this shit until now.
FUGGle 11 dagar sedan
Wow they moved from nyc to here and look at their pizza choices.
Breeanna Willis
Breeanna Willis 12 dagar sedan
I have been binge watching all of these episodes. Love them
Kelsie Richins
Kelsie Richins 12 dagar sedan
I like how the dogs MATCH the frenemies style.
Rachel Tavarez
Rachel Tavarez 12 dagar sedan
Trisha I’m glad you apologized to Philip. I don’t think he deserved any of the things you both said about him
Lindsey's Lucid Art
Lindsey's Lucid Art 12 dagar sedan
What did Zane do??? No ones talking in depth about the other members and I’ve been watching their podcast recently (I never watched blog squad) and I feel so out of the loop
ashton mccartney
ashton mccartney 13 dagar sedan
Sometimes i can’t understand wtf trisha is even saying she talks so fast
hcast08 13 dagar sedan
Trisha saying that Ethan reminds them of Gypsy Rose is absolutely hilarious because I know exactly what they mean!!! 😂😂😂😂
ClarifyEht 13 dagar sedan
Honestly I love how trish could look through David’s bs apology. Ethan was trying to understand David but trish just sees right through the 💩
Sophie Linfitt
Sophie Linfitt 13 dagar sedan
PLEASE for the love of God fix Trisha’s mic
hollyobaby 13 dagar sedan
I’m rewatching this now because I did always like Zane and Heath because they grew up a lot like I did so I had a connection to their way of joking with each other. But watching it back it hits even fucking harder. It hits so fucking hard. I only came forward about what I went through at boarding school this past year to two people. I guess now I’m saying it on the Internet but seriously I have such a sinking feeling after the Reddit post... my stomach is in knots. For Trisha, for Hannah, for Jeff, for Seth, for just everyone involved. I’m just sick to my stomach.
Lexine Gutierrez
Lexine Gutierrez 13 dagar sedan
Anyone else getting 100 ads🙄
Sophia DeMartino
Sophia DeMartino 13 dagar sedan
If u drink piss it should be like 1k minimum
John The Dude
John The Dude 14 dagar sedan
I have no idea what's going on. Peace
grace 14 dagar sedan
if they sell merch that says "pause for pizza" or something that would totally fit their brand
J_Sierra 37
J_Sierra 37 14 dagar sedan
I remember when the Logan Paul suicide forest situation happened and I was LIVID. I genuinely thought he should be deplatformed. I didn't think I could be angrier than I was then, but with everything that has come out about David, I truly believe he deserves everything that's happening to him. I wish him well, but him as a social media "influencer" is genuinely dangerous.
burts BEEZ
burts BEEZ 14 dagar sedan
is that pokimane
Alex DG
Alex DG 15 dagar sedan
1:29:40 wow this aged well in Trisha’s favor, idk how people aren’t more focused on this
Danielle Starry
Danielle Starry 15 dagar sedan
“Before my content shifted to be more responsible” lol he nearly killed Jeff. So responsible.
Katie Golden
Katie Golden 16 dagar sedan
When I have the captions on it is soooo wrong and it makes it so funny but also I feel bad for people who can’t actually hear them the subtitles are wrong 💔
gabriela peña
gabriela peña 16 dagar sedan
ethan looks unhinged
Silent Breeze
Silent Breeze 16 dagar sedan
Trisha has so many good points and great insight to this situation that anyone that still supports David after watching this should be ashamed and reconsider.
Elizabeth Reed
Elizabeth Reed 16 dagar sedan
Trisha looks so beautiful I love her sm
lightning mcgee
lightning mcgee 16 dagar sedan
Ethans favourite pizza is my favourite pizza 😢
Lila 16 dagar sedan
I can’t believe how much I like this podcast, they both bring out the best in each other
Chris Vaccaro
Chris Vaccaro 17 dagar sedan
I dont watch the podcast but i love the color split 👌
Silent Breeze
Silent Breeze 17 dagar sedan
Natalie needs to be held accountable as well. She's involved in so much. You at least expect the woman to protect the other women...
lacebabee 1
lacebabee 1 17 dagar sedan
It takes them over an hour to get through a 7 minute video hahaha
Krystle Rae
Krystle Rae 17 dagar sedan
am I the only one who never enjoyed David's content and the vlog squad? Also, I was watching Molly burke get a date from David's team and honestly when she met them.. I didn't feel like she was treated with respect. I never liked their vibe from the beginning :/
NewEraNoah 17 dagar sedan
Jesus that hair is terrible. So terrible it’s incredible.
Johnathan Calderon
Johnathan Calderon 18 dagar sedan
Do you even donate
Madi D
Madi D 18 dagar sedan
I belly-laughed at Trish saying she thought someone was trying to incriminate her with her in the picture holy shit lmao.
Shaisfries 18 dagar sedan
Trisha looks so lovely here
Pao Gzz712
Pao Gzz712 18 dagar sedan
Trish looks so good in this video. Like she always looks bomb but here she looks like an angel
Kristianna Antoniou
Kristianna Antoniou 18 dagar sedan
sexyliltiger 18 dagar sedan
David is a soulless little chipmunk - Trisha Paytas 🐿
G M 19 dagar sedan
How is no one else commenting on David sucking back his spit on his podcast? So gross 🤮
Kuchi Kopi
Kuchi Kopi 19 dagar sedan
The fact that David's apology feels genuine on face value is just a testament to how good of a manipulator he is. I honestly think he's a sociopath. No exaggeration. He can lie so blatantly because he has zero remorse. Otherwise, you would be able to tell that he's full of shame. But he feels no shame, just annoyance that he got caught.
Evan Price
Evan Price 8 dagar sedan
His voice cracking while his eyes stay dead is straight frightening.
Epicdarkhate 19 dagar sedan
Trisha is literally crucial to this
Damien Daes
Damien Daes 19 dagar sedan
How many fucking ads did u put in this video fucking 30 . Money hungry
Jason Quintanilla
Jason Quintanilla 9 dagar sedan
Omg it’s two hours of content and you’re mad about 15 second ads??
Damien Daes
Damien Daes 19 dagar sedan
That hair is horrible
sexyliltiger 19 dagar sedan
Me: I love me a pineapple olive jalapeño pizza 🤤 Dan: that pizza is cursed
dana oct
dana oct 19 dagar sedan
she knows about andy kaufman but just learned about hitlers doings literally ''how are you real? - ethan klein and the world" should be her tramp stamp
dana oct
dana oct 19 dagar sedan
note how different shes looking and not interrupting(as much) and not squeeking and causing drama with ethan its not as other podcasts when drama is just not as real and part of entertainment
Eri Santos
Eri Santos 19 dagar sedan
Can we take a moment to appreciate Ethan’s fur babies Alfredo looked soo precious with those cute puppy eyes
EfBomb Gaming
EfBomb Gaming 19 dagar sedan
These are 2 of the BIGGEST clowns on SEpost. Right there with Durte Dom
Rynnie 19 dagar sedan
Trisha is glowing in this video and it makes me so happy. Its so nice to see them getting help, speaking up and embracing themselves. Its rare the internet gets to watch someones recovery & growth instead of slow downfall and self destruction. And Ethans growth as a person while maintaining his “edgy” humor and awkward wholeheartedness is awesome. Truly the heroes we didnt know we needed. Both of them.
Lady Datura
Lady Datura 19 dagar sedan
That person's comment about her assault and rape really stuck with me. My rapist got away with it too. Time and a good therapist was the best thing for me to overcome it. He is still a schmuck but im doing great. I hope they find healing. We deserve it 🖤
Hi welcome To chili’s
Hi welcome To chili’s 19 dagar sedan
Trisha you need to stop OMFG 😭😭😭 when she said you remind me of Gypsie rose Bc of ethans hair cut fucking killed me 😂😂😂😂
Quinnton Equinox
Quinnton Equinox 20 dagar sedan
Dilf Ethan
oya oya
oya oya 20 dagar sedan
why does david's voice remind me of kevin from the office??
sarah wilkinson
sarah wilkinson 20 dagar sedan
Trisha can hire me as a friend and she only has to pay me in compliments
Rick and Morty
Rick and Morty 20 dagar sedan
I guarantee you if you would have donated you would have said That that's not enough and that his donations don't help
maddy de la torre
maddy de la torre 20 dagar sedan
Julie Torres
Julie Torres 20 dagar sedan
when someone is telling a story and they use a lot of hand gesture in psychology this shows that they a trying to convey a fake storyline. I just want to point out David uses a lot of hand gesture possibly to try and convey something that he doesn't actually believe/think. it is possible that he isn't sincere or truthful about what he's saying.
St Hudson
St Hudson 20 dagar sedan
He knew EXACTLY what he’s doing! 😡
Itty Bitty
Itty Bitty 21 dag sedan
WELL this wont be the last time talking about david haha
Dani Hristoff
Dani Hristoff 21 dag sedan
Ethan’s hair reminds me of a techno berlin DJ
Kendra Storey
Kendra Storey 21 dag sedan
I’ll be your HR either of you or both
Kendra Storey
Kendra Storey 21 dag sedan
Hi guys! I love your podcast so much. I was wondering if you could give me advice. I want to start a podcast. I just don’t know how to go about it and how to get famous. I don’t even have a friend to do it with.
Margaret Krause
Margaret Krause 21 dag sedan
100% my favorite thing ever. I’ve decided
SNB gamer
SNB gamer 21 dag sedan
Trisha: I was in the vlogs when she was 17 we went to her house Everyone: oh it’s okay as long as she talks about it This is fucked up
soyxtic 21 dag sedan
I just realised that Jason is older than my mom and dad....
hbh Tcr
hbh Tcr 21 dag sedan
I haven’t been on SEpost in 3 months and I come back to everything in flames and Trisha and Ethan being superheroes. Y’all are wild
TaytorTot 21 dag sedan
I love their relationship. Ethan always trying to show her memes knowing she wont get them still is everything 😂
Mia Wright
Mia Wright 10 dagar sedan
Trisha goes by they/them :)
Holly Gumballs
Holly Gumballs 21 dag sedan
Instead of Spring Chicken Burrito can we call it the Pedo-rrito
evan schultz
evan schultz 21 dag sedan
call james’ chipotle sponsor the p*do burrito 😭😭
Naiia Stacey
Naiia Stacey 22 dagar sedan
Kayla M
Kayla M 22 dagar sedan
David sucking the spit back into his mouth every time he breathes in in the “S3x in my moms apartment” podcast was one of my 13 reasons why.
dee dee
dee dee 22 dagar sedan
broo this guy has zero confidence zero self opinion omg 😆
Guys this Is so sad
Guys this Is so sad 22 dagar sedan
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