President Trump Calls In - H3 After Dark #28

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Neellav Gogoi
Neellav Gogoi 3 dagar sedan
Wow time has changed
anna #
anna # 4 dagar sedan
timnama 8 dagar sedan
Dan looks like a badass with his dome
sam yoa
sam yoa 10 dagar sedan
i love Hila's Valentino flex
JoeysMagGoth 11 dagar sedan
1:38 48:00, 50:10 50:50 - 1:24:00 2:35:00, 3:07:36, 3:16:41
Artem Rabinovich
Artem Rabinovich 11 dagar sedan
1:38 48:00, 50:10 50:50 - 1:24:00 2:35:00, 3:07:36, 3:16:41
Cara Hope
Cara Hope 12 dagar sedan
The best thing about this podcast is the support SA survivors have from you guys! 💓💓 thanks for exposing true creeps & bringing awareness to a very very serious issue that a lot of people have to go through & it’s not easy when there are people out here victim blaming and making it almost impossible for people to tell their story . Thank you H3 for being true angels 💙💙
Madison Windham
Madison Windham 13 dagar sedan
Hila.....drop the link to those sunglasses 👀
Alan Martinez
Alan Martinez 15 dagar sedan
Dang this dude got a lil chunky
emzi 18 dagar sedan
The joker "ha" soundbite gets me every time🤣
emzi 12 dagar sedan
@Cara Hope one of my fave soundbites for sure😆 have you watched the most recent episode where they rate them on the tier list?
Cara Hope
Cara Hope 12 dagar sedan
Me too 🤣🤣🤣
BeautyByBrooke 18 dagar sedan
I fucking love your glasses what a vibe 🖤
plokoon100 19 dagar sedan
And now we buying doge coin.
mike miller
mike miller 20 dagar sedan
That crypto guy was a perfect guest 👌
Samantha Feenan
Samantha Feenan 21 dag sedan
“They just put a finger in your ass? That doesn’t sound bad” okay Hila I see you 👀
Kimmzey 21 dag sedan
OKAY BUT LIQUID IV IS JUST EMPTY CALORIES AND ADDED SUGARS.. saying it has “less sugar” than an apple doesn’t mean it’s better. REMEMBER: NOT ALL SUGAR IS THE SAME!!! So in this case, consuming more sugar but from a healthy source like an apple for instance is waaaay better! The BEST way to hydrate yourself will always be natural water without additives. No hate, just don’t want people to fall for false advertisement.
Bewe Issor
Bewe Issor 21 dag sedan
Most of these sponsored product are bullshit anyways, Liquid IV, GFuel, you name it.
Kimmzey 21 dag sedan
Before buying stuff like that ALWAYS check nutritional information from the product’s website.
Bradley Cole
Bradley Cole 23 dagar sedan
I wasn’t allowed to play Pokémon as a kid because it was “satanic”
Yh Yh
Yh Yh 17 dagar sedan
Well that sucks for you, not every religious person hates pokemon
Stephanie W
Stephanie W 23 dagar sedan
Can’t convince me this isn’t trump 😂😂😂😂 impersonation on point.
Ella 24 dagar sedan
Aw abs bday was sad. They should have mentioned it in the beginning and done something a little nicer.... they hate him ever since the trisha thing
Ok Ok
Ok Ok 27 dagar sedan
Wesley Young
Wesley Young 27 dagar sedan
Yes I had family and friends who couldn’t play Pokémon , watch Harry Potter , watch SpongeBob even. Super sad parents blindly just follow sometimes.
Maddie L
Maddie L 29 dagar sedan
lmao asians just curse with emphasis 😂
Yadiboonki Asmr
Yadiboonki Asmr 29 dagar sedan
Hila is so beautiful❤️
Alp 29 dagar sedan
Shredder is a loyal boi for being part of the GERD GANG with the excess bile in a way
BloodAppleKiss Månad sedan
Kevin's laugh is fucking everything LoooooL
badfish5447link Månad sedan
I think Ethan and the preacher have the same mic lol
Eleanor Watson
Eleanor Watson Månad sedan
I'm honestly so dissapointed that you didn't challenge the "kraken" more on his outright lies and propaganda. he provided zero evidence to backup what he said and pushed a really dangerous conservative idea about the separation of money and government. he clearly has no understanding about the necessity of having a welfare system and should not be allowed to spread this bs unchallenged.
badfish5447link Månad sedan
I like how Ethan is always surprised liquid IV is available at Costco lol
Sid Boys
Sid Boys Månad sedan
Imagine Something to be a "billionaire".
The Harrowed
The Harrowed Månad sedan
Ethan, love ya my guy, but you gotta stop getting so salty and whiny if you don't get your way. After having Jessie The Kraken guy come on and explain to you exactly why you should "HODL", and how much you stand to gain, Hila took that information like it was coming from as credible of a source as it was. But when she mentioned that she obviously wanted to sit on her share while it appreciates value, it came out that for some reason what you wanted to do was sell it all immediately and give it to your family. Instead of doing the reasonable thing and just letting her be smart with half, and you be a dingus with the other half, your salty ass started to pretend like it's the most difficult thing in the world to divide a number by 2 so you could split it, and you started responding like she was trying to steal money away from your family or something. Hopefully once you have a chance to think on these things a bit longer you realize how terrible this mindset is, and acting this way is REALLY not a good look.
John Pangarakis
John Pangarakis Månad sedan
The Trump impersonator was actually pretty impressive. He has the mannerisms down pretty well.
Tobyn Davis
Tobyn Davis Månad sedan
Another great, episode from H3. The 11 min video of Ethan fukn up is priceless ☠️.
Emile Mcgee
Emile Mcgee Månad sedan
She didn't even know you can go live on tiktok. How slow is sh
Emile Mcgee
Emile Mcgee Månad sedan
Cancel hilla
Sphynx Capital
Sphynx Capital Månad sedan
Hmmmmmm Fishy. It's s trap
Astronomy Domine
Astronomy Domine Månad sedan
Legally President Trump is still the President. Democrats cheated in the big cities of swing states. Cheating pos.
Wander Lust
Wander Lust Månad sedan
christopher husbands
christopher husbands Månad sedan
but why is nobody talking about Jessies plants wowww
DreamySteezy Månad sedan
The Trump impersonator was hilarious.
Alex Bedolla
Alex Bedolla Månad sedan
“I shouldn’t have put my cup there, right in the path of the arm” lmao
Sinatra Mnzzz
Sinatra Mnzzz Månad sedan
i miss old h3, i still watch cause im a fan, BUT this new content is fucken boring as hell. i get their points and agree with w them, but it's just being regurgitated on every single episode . over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. then again again.
Alisha Mills
Alisha Mills Månad sedan
My only goal in life is to have a relationship like Ethan and hila🥰🥰 cutiepies
Stagtite Månad sedan
These shitty impersonator bits are just the worst
Jasper Ferrer
Jasper Ferrer Månad sedan
both those valentino's ($500) and ray-bans ($150) are by luxottica but they cost so differently.
Isabelle Oliver
Isabelle Oliver Månad sedan
Hila's hair faded so nice, she looks really pretty with cooler tones
Jasper Low
Jasper Low Månad sedan
The extra-large extra-small exuberant snowplow postsurgically stitch because railway intraperitonally smoke forenenst a chemical shade. garrulous, tidy authorization
Seth Berney
Seth Berney Månad sedan
Love all these podcasts, kills so much time on my night shift as I catch back up
Michael Moreno D.
Michael Moreno D. Månad sedan
Man I love this podcast, but sometimes it feels like Hila doesn’t contribute anything to the show, she just critics Ethan and stays silent. I still love seeing her every time but gezzzzzz
natashka1982 Månad sedan
I wonder how much Biden paid you for this. Looks like Trump is living in your head rent free. Why don't you brag about your money some more, making us Jews look like greedy fucks.
S F Månad sedan
Drewmena Månad sedan
Trump impersonator way funnier than Ethan
Drewmena Månad sedan
I’m with Zach on the peace and love bs
Sarcofaygo Månad sedan
Hilas glasses look cheap asf
M.L.I Månad sedan
I love Hila❤️❤️
y yg
y yg Månad sedan
It's so crazy how what Woody Allen is doing to Mia Farrow is kinda just like the plot Rosemary's baby.
y yg
y yg Månad sedan
hila looking gangsta over thur
Kevin Lomeli
Kevin Lomeli Månad sedan
SOMEONE NEEDS TO GRAB THAT AUDIO OF WENDYS FART @ 26:05 !!!! We need that audio in mp3 form so I can make that a text tone!!!!!!
Kevin Lomeli
Kevin Lomeli Månad sedan
BONUS POINTS if it’s the normal speed & Zach’s slowed version
No Longer Human
No Longer Human Månad sedan
Japan is 50 percent Christian I'm pretty sure.
Reina Woods
Reina Woods Månad sedan
I’m assuming it’s a trump impersonator and that Ethan has become the lame douche he used to clown on for clicks. Oy vey.
Joysing Polash kumar876
Joysing Polash kumar876 Månad sedan
The accessible toenail opportunely milk because fan philosophically examine apropos a waiting look. pumped, mute crayon
Stephanie Kurz
Stephanie Kurz Månad sedan
Omg I love that Hila was watching the real housewives!!! I looooooove those fucking shows yes Hila👏🥰🤗
Simon Denischuck
Simon Denischuck Månad sedan
If women didn’t actually enjoy sex than there wouldn’t be more sex toys and beauty products for women😂☺️ the diversity is pretty astounding, I mean Ethan literally said like a month ago that women literally have more options and choices for sex toys and a whole bunch of other stuff!😂😂😂
ANIME MASTER Månad sedan
Ethan:“You look bommbbbb today girl” Hila: ehahah eahaaa
Nathan Solomon
Nathan Solomon Månad sedan
It’s not like I don’t like Trisha she dope but I like ilia on these podcast
DulceEt DecorumEst
DulceEt DecorumEst Månad sedan
1:38:45 for the longest time I thought this was gibberish and today I figured out he’s saying “9/11” 😂
Chase Overby
Chase Overby Månad sedan
My dad threw away my first pack of pokemon cards because of "satanism" and I was never allowed to get another pack
Alicia Wales
Alicia Wales 20 dagar sedan
lea Zaifman
lea Zaifman Månad sedan
Marquis 912
Marquis 912 Månad sedan
This isnt funny
Luke Yates
Luke Yates Månad sedan
Ethan tried crack.
Rhymescheme Månad sedan
You gotta know when to hodl... know when to fodl.. know when to walk away... know when to turn and run
Lauren Gonzalez
Lauren Gonzalez Månad sedan
Hila is a literal fashion icon. I can not wait to see what her future is like. the glasses, too fly!! Ethan “are they expensive glasses?” AB with ray band🥸hila with the Valentino’s 😎
Lauren Gonzalez
Lauren Gonzalez Månad sedan
The intro song was made for her
Kats Emeraldz
Kats Emeraldz Månad sedan
2:15:11 I remember we had this in a class in highschool, I think it is just to make it easier to fold clothes.
The Anarchist Cookbook
The Anarchist Cookbook Månad sedan
Hows that wrist Ethan you need some ointttttmintttt BROOO?
Ansley Rosenberg
Ansley Rosenberg Månad sedan
What’s the Woody Allen documentary called
Aaliyah Mattel
Aaliyah Mattel 25 dagar sedan
allen v farrow, its on hbo max
The Eating Show
The Eating Show Månad sedan
Thanks for being brave enough to even call out pewds. So agree with canceling James. Not ok.
Bravewryy Månad sedan
2:28:25 *Elizabeth!!!* We love Elizabeth
Sam K
Sam K Månad sedan
okay moth
okay moth Månad sedan
i love you hila
OJD Creative
OJD Creative Månad sedan
18:25 I was waiting for that sound clip zach. I knew it was coming 🤣
Christian Bekker
Christian Bekker Månad sedan
That Jesse guy seems awesome, you should get him back some day :)
Deadly Gunter
Deadly Gunter Månad sedan
Holy shit is that Zach? He's so fucking awesome!
Louis Bilman
Louis Bilman Månad sedan
Anyone else get a really strong Bert and Ernie vibe from Ethan and Hila? Like if Bert was a chick. I dono I just feel like that is their chemistry kind of.
Wendy Reyes Romero
Wendy Reyes Romero Månad sedan
“Valentino” Ethan: “oh shitt” Hahahaha
Phos Månad sedan
Imagine being able to pay for bread with krypto in Argentina when you're only able to use cash in Germany ^^
hi thisthers
hi thisthers Månad sedan
The reason why James isn't getting cancelled is because he has an overwhelmingly young audience. Which is ironic considering that he's a pr3dat0r. James is friends with people like Charli D'amelio and they all have a young fanbase who don't understand these things and they honestly don't care if they do. They just want bad dancing content and don't care who its coming from
3ink Månad sedan
14:31 I think the last part of the movie is important because I think we getting a batman who laughs or maybe a scenario like how joker was in batmans head like in batman arkhan knight
B3n Erin
B3n Erin Månad sedan
H3 and Your moms house share alot of content.
Amber Adelman
Amber Adelman Månad sedan
Twister Månad sedan
2:48:43 jaystation
Aly Mutch
Aly Mutch Månad sedan
So your hating on corpse and dream for being in a vid with James even though the vid was recorded awhile ago, all because James is a predator. Yet you had Chris Delia on your podcast before his trouble and you haven’t removed it??? Chris Delia was a predator also, so take that vid of the podcast down before talking about corpse and dream.
Holly Roxy
Holly Roxy Månad sedan
I can confirm that semen does not in fact taste good...
Buttercupditto Månad sedan
Ethan has a dad bod and I'm living for it! You go Ethan!
Andrea oliveros
Andrea oliveros Månad sedan
“We love the immigrant people” 😂😂😂
GeekMuscle Månad sedan
Taytay0295 Månad sedan
Dude that shirt folding tiktok fills me with existential dread for some reason.
SL04N Månad sedan
Trump impersonator was amazing 🤣
Claudia Here
Claudia Here 17 dagar sedan
@Amna watch the pod
Karina Rodriguez
Karina Rodriguez 26 dagar sedan
Karina Rodriguez
Karina Rodriguez 26 dagar sedan
@obvious waeae
Karina Rodriguez
Karina Rodriguez 26 dagar sedan
@obvious aw
OrangexCheeto Månad sedan
Love the vids
John Fisher
John Fisher Månad sedan
The Gerd, the Bad, and the Ugly
Beauregard Heer
Beauregard Heer Månad sedan
Holy shit! These videos have so many views
hartlei's vanity
hartlei's vanity Månad sedan
I love Hila "Valentino😁😁😁" lol
Stebtam Månad sedan
Jesse the goat
Abeyta's Life
Abeyta's Life Månad sedan
I love hila style
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