Morphe & YouTube Finally Drop James Charles - H3 After Dark # 32

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Leo 6 timmar sedan
Making excuses for a guy harassing a girl is not a great look.
Jake Cooper
Jake Cooper 16 timmar sedan
Alex 20 timmar sedan
Haven’t seen h2h2 in a while. Hila looking hawt!
Cara Hope
Cara Hope Dag sedan
HILA!! Do you wear foundation or is that your natural skin sis? Like you’re so fucking flawless I’m curious about your skincare routine / the everyday makeup you use 💓
Naomis Dream
Naomis Dream 2 dagar sedan
ChristinaInTheMaking ASMR
ChristinaInTheMaking ASMR 2 dagar sedan
Dammit, I just suffered through listening to only the audio on Apple!
Pebos 2 dagar sedan
Tiana S
Tiana S 3 dagar sedan
Is this unavailable for anyone else!?
Cecile w
Cecile w 4 dagar sedan
Anyone else having a "this video is unavailable on this device" issue?
Kate Tyler
Kate Tyler 4 dagar sedan
SEpost and James Charles strike again I guess
Barbara A
Barbara A 4 dagar sedan
It says unavailable on mine too
A Nobody On The Internet
A Nobody On The Internet 4 dagar sedan
The podcast isn't available on phones no more ?
Dolly Studios
Dolly Studios 4 dagar sedan
I am on a laptop. Same problem. I also tried in my tv
Anita Star
Anita Star 5 dagar sedan
Is this video unavailable for anyone else or did I get a soft ban? Lol
Anita Star
Anita Star 2 dagar sedan
And... it's back...
Professorben11 5 dagar sedan
Pls free this video from SEpost hell, I'm only halfway through!
North Universe
North Universe 6 dagar sedan
Free H3
Shroom Grizzley
Shroom Grizzley 7 dagar sedan
not available on this device lol wtf
Nicholas Buongiorno
Nicholas Buongiorno 7 dagar sedan
I felt like rewatching this episode but it says it’s unavailable on my device
gumshake 7 dagar sedan
Jordan Rivas
Jordan Rivas 7 dagar sedan
Wtf why does it say video unavailable???
GailGhoul 7 dagar sedan
where can i watch this? it says it's not a available on my mobile or laptop??????
Jamess Zoer
Jamess Zoer 7 dagar sedan
Dammnnnn it got taken downnnnn rip
Ethan Skufca
Ethan Skufca 8 dagar sedan
Wtf I can’t watch
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 8 dagar sedan
Says "this video is unavailable on this device" so now I cant take a dump and watch on my phone? This is an outrage, wtf.
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 6 dagar sedan
@Ricardo Arjona Gaming wtf is happening.
Ricardo Arjona Gaming
Ricardo Arjona Gaming 8 dagar sedan
i'm on a computer and i can't watch it either
Day to Day with Ketty
Day to Day with Ketty 9 dagar sedan
There was Wiki laughs done with definitely win it.
Fri Noodle
Fri Noodle 9 dagar sedan
James and his sister forces took down the video 😩
Christian Disco
Christian Disco 9 dagar sedan
This video is unavailable on this device, wtf youtube!?!
McLovin 9 dagar sedan
MontyPlejaki 9 dagar sedan
James charles got his hands on this video or something?
Joe 9 dagar sedan
It says this video is unavailable on this device...anybody know whats up?
MarcusIsI 9 dagar sedan
Soooooo... this video is “unavailable on this device”. I wonder who could have been responsible for this.. cough cough James Charles.
The God Emperor of Mankind
The God Emperor of Mankind 10 dagar sedan
"This video is unavailable on this device." PC btw, the hell?
Hillbat 10 dagar sedan
You can still listen to it on Spotify. Kinda sucks without the video though.
Catie Jordan
Catie Jordan Dag sedan
Have you seen it’s available now?
Dakota Hutchinson
Dakota Hutchinson 10 dagar sedan
Why is it unavailable?
Themaskedman 10 dagar sedan
WHY THIS VIDEO IS UNAVAILABLE: For anyone who has not already heard, Triller, the host for the Jake Paul Vs. Askren fight is ALLEGEDLY suing H3 because he claimed he pirated the movie on this podcast. I am assuming they unlisted this video because he makes this claim on this podcast specifically.
Cidney Hicks
Cidney Hicks Dag sedan
@Catie Jordan Thank you!!
Catie Jordan
Catie Jordan Dag sedan
@Cidney Hicks it’s working now!
Cidney Hicks
Cidney Hicks 5 dagar sedan
Does anyone have the unlisted link
Eucis93 8 dagar sedan
Thank you, I was wondering why I couldn't watch it.
Lulu Smith
Lulu Smith 10 dagar sedan
Why is this unavailable?
Paige Bair
Paige Bair 10 dagar sedan
Tryna catch up on the episodes I haven't watched and this says its unavailable? Anyone know why?
Paige Bair
Paige Bair 10 dagar sedan
@Themaskedman woaaaaah
Themaskedman 10 dagar sedan
Triller is allegedly suing H3 because of a claim he made in this podcast.
Alyssa Kaytlin
Alyssa Kaytlin 10 dagar sedan
can someone PLEASE tell me why i can’t watch this vid. i tried on my tv and my phone and both said the video is unavailable on this device
canadianbbaconn 9 dagar sedan
try waybackmachine
Lucas Lindsey
Lucas Lindsey 10 dagar sedan
Why is this video unavailable to watch?
theTizzle 10 dagar sedan
Why is this video not available for me?? +
lampovyUrge 11 dagar sedan
Guys please reupload the video, seems it got blocked, I was halfway through watching and really wanna finish the episode =/
annehk 11 dagar sedan
Why cant I watch the video? It says it’s unavaiable on this device, but I have tried on my ipad and my phone??
YaBoiLisandro 11 dagar sedan
Did the video get claimed? Can’t see it and I wanted to show my bf the finale of the rock trivia :(
Haider Shaikh
Haider Shaikh 11 dagar sedan
mpg 11 dagar sedan
anyone elses say the video is unavailable??
Sydney Swaim
Sydney Swaim 11 dagar sedan
why tf cant I watch this
* 12 dagar sedan
Can't watch but you CAN listen to it on Spotify! would have preferred to watch it but still..
Catie Jordan
Catie Jordan Dag sedan
You can watch now!
Natsu 12 dagar sedan
Why can’t I watch this 😭
Erix Flores
Erix Flores 12 dagar sedan
Recently, Ethan and Hila preach that creators have a power dynamic on their fans and I find it funny that Ethan and Hila are taking the word of a small creator to try destroy Gokanaru. Of course Shoenice will take side to H3H3 because he is afraid of the repercussions that H3H3 will take against shoenice, and he was promised to be part of the H3H3 crew. Ethan and Hila are such huge pieces of shit who should both take accountability.
Erix Flores
Erix Flores 10 dagar sedan
@Antonis Kazou it’s never too late my friend 😎
Antonis Kazou
Antonis Kazou 10 dagar sedan
lmao the hell is this. You are a year late
Kolby Botka
Kolby Botka 12 dagar sedan
NOOOOOOOOOOO why is it not available?
Omar Brambila
Omar Brambila 12 dagar sedan
Ethan Klein: is not fine that James Charles was being platformed despite his disgusting behavior. Also Ethan Klein: is perfectly fine with platforming BritBong to go after Keemstar even though he was doing insane stuff to people before and after.
Mr. Snuggles
Mr. Snuggles 12 dagar sedan
Why can’t I watch this on my iPhone
adriana o
adriana o 12 dagar sedan
it says not available on this device... ive tried on an iphone 12 and now my laptop :(( why isnt this working edit: imma just listen to it on the podcasts app for apple. idk why i always forget about these things. BUT i would have much more preferred to watch it in video
Justin Lee
Justin Lee 12 dagar sedan
wtf happened to this episode? This is the first time I didnt get to watch it near its release and its gone? wtf
Daliah Meadow
Daliah Meadow 13 dagar sedan
Went can’t I watch this on my iPhone? I literally watched it last week
eva luna
eva luna 13 dagar sedan
Marissa Sykes
Marissa Sykes 13 dagar sedan
why is this video not available anymore !???
Enraged Pebble
Enraged Pebble 13 dagar sedan
Is the video not available anymore? I can't access it on my phone or computer. :(
Jemma Smith
Jemma Smith 13 dagar sedan
Hila is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen it breaks me hearing her say she’s insecure
Jemma Smith
Jemma Smith 13 dagar sedan
@Sophia Garcia oh no, I commented this when it was streamed I guess it only just got posted ?
Sophia Garcia
Sophia Garcia 13 dagar sedan
Youre able to access the video?
Kristian Svensson
Kristian Svensson 14 dagar sedan
That girl got the most beautiful lips. Only beaten by Angelina Jolie
Deanna 14 dagar sedan
Yo what. I’m literally just trying to catch up on old episodes and I can’t watch it because it says unavailable?! What’s going on lol it seems like I’m not the only one
TooHardToThink Dag sedan
@Catie Jordan thank you for the update!
Catie Jordan
Catie Jordan Dag sedan
It’s working now guys!
Deanna 13 dagar sedan
@Antonio Gonzalez that was definitely my first thought
Antonio Gonzalez
Antonio Gonzalez 13 dagar sedan
I have a feeling James Charles and his team play a part in this
TooHardToThink 14 dagar sedan
I wanted to go back and watch some past episodes and it also says its not available for me too.
Jamie 14 dagar sedan
y is this video not available anymore
Vaughn Nordman
Vaughn Nordman 14 dagar sedan
Tf wym video not available on this device
Tara Chiron
Tara Chiron 14 dagar sedan
Video unavailable on my device, help! 😭
kai paris
kai paris 14 dagar sedan
why does it keep saying its unavailable?
nthrptcs 14 dagar sedan
Why is it saying this video is unavailable on this device. :( it's the same device I watch all of your other content on
Sophia Garcia
Sophia Garcia 14 dagar sedan
The video is over 2 hours maybe that’s why it was taken down???
canadianbbaconn 14 dagar sedan
naw theyve had longer than 2hrs,
Calesta Iezu
Calesta Iezu 14 dagar sedan
I was trying to catch up on old episodes. I started this last night and went to bed. I got up this morning and now I get "this video is unavailable on this device," when I come to this video. Is youtube suppressing it?
Catie Jordan
Catie Jordan Dag sedan
It’s back on!
frimousse 13 dagar sedan
having the same issue..
Four Squares
Four Squares 15 dagar sedan
WE WANT ANSWERS! Why has the video been taken down!!!
Catie Jordan
Catie Jordan Dag sedan
It’s back!
Hafa Ball
Hafa Ball 15 dagar sedan
I'm getting this message "This video is unavailable on this device."
ThisGuy OverHere
ThisGuy OverHere 9 dagar sedan
Same here. Any solution? And no, doesn't work on another device ;D
Yaz S
Yaz S 15 dagar sedan
So the video was taken down
Ren G
Ren G 15 dagar sedan
Why is this video blocked?
MI 15 dagar sedan
why is the video blocked?
Zalika Issiakou
Zalika Issiakou 15 dagar sedan
What’s going on with this video?
Alessandro Figueroa
Alessandro Figueroa 15 dagar sedan
why cant i resume this video? SOMEONE KNOWS?
Raz T
Raz T 15 dagar sedan
anyone else can't view the video because "This video is unavailable on this device" regardless of the device/browser/vpn you're using?
Pebos 15 dagar sedan
this video was taken down for 3 days are they gonna say something?????
AlSax 15 dagar sedan
Anyone else getting a "This video is unavailable on this device"? I'm in Canada, but I don't think it's that messing things up. Maybe?
Catie Jordan
Catie Jordan Dag sedan
It’s back up guys
zero_miner121 15 dagar sedan
im in Jordan and it doesnt work either, i tried using a vpn and its not working, i guess it got taken down. so sad cause this is my only free time that i have and i cant even watch this.
andy 15 dagar sedan
i’m in the US and just came to rewatch, it’s down for me, too
kieran brentnall
kieran brentnall 15 dagar sedan
Rip says this video is unavailable on this device
ZuhaLoveMusic 15 dagar sedan
Yo. This video suddenly says: unavailable on this device. Never had such problem, and i came back to finish watching this 🤔
Adam King
Adam King 14 dagar sedan
@ZuhaLoveMusic I'm just gonna listen to the rest from spotify. Hope it doesn't happen to any new episodes again.
ZuhaLoveMusic 15 dagar sedan
@Adam King I don't know. Same thing on my sister's phone. I hope they'll notice this and try to fix it
Adam King
Adam King 15 dagar sedan
Same here. Wonder if it got taken down temporarily for something?
Karlee Viator
Karlee Viator 15 dagar sedan
omg joe is so gross wtfffff
not petie
not petie 15 dagar sedan
Why is the video unavailable now
not petie
not petie 15 dagar sedan
I was halfway through the episode man 😔
Kelsie Davy
Kelsie Davy 15 dagar sedan
mine says unavailable too hm
Kelsey Owens
Kelsey Owens 15 dagar sedan
I didn’t know about the homeless people getting sent to CA. That is wild. But honestly I live near Denver and I’m surprised at the amount of homeless we have here. Like our winters can be long and brutal if you don’t have any shelter.
thefrayedends 15 dagar sedan
Ethan is a lucky man. I really believe he wouldn't have made it without hila. Much love!
Jessica Feldman
Jessica Feldman 16 dagar sedan
I just want someone to flirt with me and have the dynamic that they have
peachy 16 dagar sedan
aww 2:32 to 2:45 the way ethan looks at her
MannyCat890 17 dagar sedan
had to buy nordvpn/bigmoney to watch this one
kimberly casares
kimberly casares 17 dagar sedan
I think it would be cool for you guys to have a fellow biologist like myself or of a related study (immunologist?) Call in or sum and share factual information on related topics. You guys seem to talk a lot about public health given the circumstances and I think it would be cool if you had someone who’s dedicated their life to the study. Also huge fan love y’all 💕💗
GevanS 17 dagar sedan
Who else thinks this: h3h3 regular podcast>Frenemies
Racecars Inc
Racecars Inc 17 dagar sedan
Ethan needs to do a lot more research on the causes of housing shortages in Los Angeles/CA. The primary reason is that the supply of housing has not kept up with demand. Housing construction and developments can take the better part of a decade and cost a literal fortune due to an overburden of fees and regulations. The answer isn't increased federal funding to fix the homeless crises. The answer is to cut regulations and let developers BUILD.
XRemARx 17 dagar sedan
H3H3 was going downhill and 2 yrs ago I recall the majority of the fanbase was bitching about it and how they don’t like them anymore. They made a business deal with trisha paytas in because they were losing popularity and money for Hila’s $200 shirts. (Trust me, a humble person doesn’t tell the entire world they pay hundreds of dollars for a piece of clothing)I feel like the drama podcast H3H3 is getting into will eventually bite them in the ass sooner or later. Im literally not a hater either they don’t seem like horrible people but they aren’t the most entertaining. Especially Hila and Ethan by themselves. *Its just an opinion not fact* so don’t freak out and attack me you freaks
Ed Dugglin
Ed Dugglin 17 dagar sedan
100% agree, some of their content is good but I wouldn't say most of it is. Ethan plays out his jokes way too hard. he also seems to get so butt hurt about some things other content creators do meanwhile he's just as bad. it's hard watching them sometimes.
Kyle Dressel
Kyle Dressel 17 dagar sedan
I mean, I was never one of the people saying I dislike them, but they always had popularity, even if it was only from 500k-1M views per podcast. They only made a podcast with Trisha because they though it would be fun. And also, I don't think disclosing to your fans how much your clothes cost says anything about humility. Hila likes fashion and so she balls out a little for fashion wear. I also don't think there's any real "Drama," it's just them calling out sexual predators. I also hope you don't think I'm "attacking" you by responding to your publicly posted comment as politely as I can. Just thought I'd share my thoughts
Skylar Alexis
Skylar Alexis 17 dagar sedan
just as we see with james charles, men should not be excused from harassment/assault just because they're gay. colton underwood is not the victim
v5a 17 dagar sedan
50:55 "That's from 2016, 8 years ago..." Is ethan from the future?
Jessie Rodriguez
Jessie Rodriguez 17 dagar sedan
I’m recently have become a dedicated fan of the channel and I’ve heard Ethan talk about his Tourette’s syndrome before but I was just wondering if his eyebrow movements were tied into that or if he’s just very expressive lol. Peace and love 💕
Kyle Dressel
Kyle Dressel 17 dagar sedan
Yeah his eyebrow movements are pure tourettes, he's not trying to be expressive lmao
Chaos Anahrcy
Chaos Anahrcy 18 dagar sedan
Beta max. Joe Rogan has a habit of inviting guests that he is incapable of understanding at any level beyond a superficial depth.
Reign Shine
Reign Shine 18 dagar sedan
Once again, “cohost” Hila can’t carry the show for 5 mins
Gavin Stephenson
Gavin Stephenson 18 dagar sedan
Dan *says something intelligent* Ethan "yeah that's a good point" Ethan literally 2 minutes later *repeats exactly what Dan said* Dan "... yeah ..."
I 05
I 05 15 dagar sedan
i'd love dan to have his own podcast, he's great
Gunnar DüGrey
Gunnar DüGrey 18 dagar sedan
Can we please sound bite "God I would fucking love to see his ass" at 58:51?
Sparky's Journey
Sparky's Journey 18 dagar sedan
H3 has single handily taken down James Charles, David Dobrik, and now they are on the verge of taking down the king himself, Joe Rogan.
Elif Ergün
Elif Ergün 18 dagar sedan
I discovered Talking Heads thanks to a t-shirt Dan was wearing on one of the very first episodes of the podcast. Thank you Dan!! You’re my winner 🌟
Asmin Derp
Asmin Derp 18 dagar sedan
I think I have never disagreed with anything Hila has ever said
Kyle Dressel
Kyle Dressel 18 dagar sedan
Why doesn't hila just, idk.... Talk in place of Ethan?
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