Jewish Trivia Contest, David Dobrik & Scotty Sire - Frenemies #24

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Trisha's SEpost - @blndsundoll4mj
THE GLIZZY GRIPPER INVENTOR: @Unnecessary Inventions
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Unnecessary Inventions
Unnecessary Inventions 2 månader sedan
Glad you guys were able to get good use of my Glizzy Gripper invention 😂😂😂😂
Mia Denver
Mia Denver 9 dagar sedan
@barbietingz it's a joke
Ag 100
Ag 100 10 dagar sedan
Who is you?
nabby 18 dagar sedan
Ethan: let me get another glizzy!
Lunaaa B
Lunaaa B Månad sedan
@Ruby Smith YESSS
Lunaaa B
Lunaaa B Månad sedan
@Hahna Lloyd OMG YES
Lynnthebeautyicon Dag sedan
She ate a hit dig with her fiance when they were driving through the carnival !! I remember her saying the hot dog is big. I think so she look goth in the video! Idk I can be wrong check her video out and Check and see go to her video.
Valerie Novoa
Valerie Novoa Dag sedan
“glizzy please.... no glizzy” *after it was already stated there was no more* i love them.
Riba Purackal
Riba Purackal 2 dagar sedan
Rapture is not for Jews it's for Christians. Jesus is coming for those who believe in Him and are waiting for Him.After rapture there will be tribulation all over the world and Jews wil realise that Jesus is true God.
Seamnie 3 dagar sedan
don’t mind me, just saving my place 1:03:10 1:47:43
Maddie Peck
Maddie Peck 3 dagar sedan
38:18 whoooooo 😭
Aren A
Aren A 3 dagar sedan
I think it's The Brothers Grimm hahahha
rylee jane
rylee jane 4 dagar sedan
Trisha: “the resurrection is coming” Guy behind camera: “GET HYPPEEE”
Moss 5 dagar sedan
21:30 "You look like if Goldilocks and the Three Bears had a baby" That's the funniest thing I've heard in WEEKS
Nard Dog
Nard Dog 5 dagar sedan
I love how Ethan kept said “Glizzy Gripper” yet Trisha still called it “grizzly gear” 🤣
Mjbgjk Hjjvghj
Mjbgjk Hjjvghj 5 dagar sedan
6:09 you mean that dude was like Moses 😆
Ervin Amir
Ervin Amir 5 dagar sedan
"I get jewish on me every night youknowwhatimsayinmmmmhh, INSEMINATED BY JEWISH" can't believe she said that omg inseminated
dani 5 dagar sedan
fanjoy is actual garbage. i ordered a t-shirt from there over a year ago, got charged and never received it - even after i contacted customer service and never got a response. how you gonna sell merch but not sell anything?
Elektra Fischer
Elektra Fischer 6 dagar sedan
Bruh Trisha claiming Goldilocks fucked the bears... it’s clipped for me lmfaoooo
Elektra Fischer
Elektra Fischer 6 dagar sedan
Ethan’s grey mic bothers me sm for some reason
ariana p
ariana p 7 dagar sedan
when she was questioning if ethnic meant skin tone I DIEDDDD
ariana p
ariana p 7 dagar sedan
this is the FUNNIEST episode
Ally Bailey
Ally Bailey 7 dagar sedan
Every episode Trisha's Moroccan ancestry goes up. It started at 2%, then went to 18%, now weren at 22%. By summer they will be 100 African Jew% .
Ally Bailey
Ally Bailey 7 dagar sedan
°Youre just jealous cuz Im getting married in Israel 💅" "I got married in Israel" "Mmmhmm..🙄"
Maddie B
Maddie B 7 dagar sedan
Sue me. With peace and FUCKING love. I CANT W ETHAN.
sea shell
sea shell 7 dagar sedan
Tip for all hotdog eaters, don’t boil them. Always put them in the oven on broil. Or grill. I would rather microwave a hotdog than eat a boiled one.
Erin Grossman
Erin Grossman 7 dagar sedan
I wish they had someone who was actually a religious Jew come on the show
Josi Pereira
Josi Pereira 8 dagar sedan
Everytime Trisha mentions she’s part African, the percentage keeps going up 😂 the first time it was 13% then it was like 18%now it’s 23%???? 😂😂
-Star. .Cookies-
-Star. .Cookies- 8 dagar sedan
Trish come to my bat mizva
Juan Dominguez
Juan Dominguez 8 dagar sedan
Who is that "person"?
Ashley Pugh
Ashley Pugh 8 dagar sedan
That girl better be glad I’m not Dixie if she “joked” about my relationship I’d have her crying on her kitchen floor
Kayla Enstad
Kayla Enstad 8 dagar sedan
Isn’t trisha a millennial? She said gen z. 😂
Kailyn Handrahan
Kailyn Handrahan 8 dagar sedan
i love watching you guys but holy hell, the unexpected audio 🙃🥴
Kara Viscusi
Kara Viscusi 8 dagar sedan
Are we just gonna brush over Trish's Lori Loughlin joke? I feel like that deserved more attention
Day Buttler
Day Buttler 9 dagar sedan
Ethan: This is not something to engage in Trisha: I’m engaged
Ariana A
Ariana A 9 dagar sedan
i'm mizrahi bitch mizrahi is the ethnic group in israel from people that moved TO other countries in the middle east after the diaspora. so my parents are from iran but are jewish which makes us mizrahim! CANCELED
J l
J l 9 dagar sedan
Trisha reminds me of peter in the episode of family guy where Lois finds out she's Jewish and peter walks into the synagogue shouting about How's he's 'one of you guys now' , and there's a scene before where he says he likes the scarf so he's gonna become Jewish hahahaha
Virginia Rodriguez
Virginia Rodriguez 10 dagar sedan
"Here's A Video Of You Going Mmm For 5 Minutes " "Mmm" .... "I Still Don't Hear It" 🤣
Kaylen Satterfield
Kaylen Satterfield 10 dagar sedan
“we literally talked about that this episode” “oh i was thinking abt how i need to pee”
pocky sticks
pocky sticks 10 dagar sedan
25:16 are you jewish dan? ‘my mom is.’ FAKEE! TRISHA I CANTT
Lauren Lombrano
Lauren Lombrano 10 dagar sedan
I love josh and Lucas omg
KaylieNacole 10 dagar sedan
Trisha saying “congrats” for national women’s day sent me 😭😭
Shaked Gabbay
Shaked Gabbay 10 dagar sedan
I'm late to the party but you can be Sephardi and Mizrahi at the same time, because Sephardic jews were exiled from Spain to middle eastern countries like Marroco, Turky etc. My dad's side is Turkish (which is considered Mizrahi) and Saphardic. Also Yiddish is not "made up" nor is Hebrew, they're both natural languages lol.
landon shea
landon shea 10 dagar sedan
There’s such bigger problems in the world to put so much effort to destroy good. Young people
Bridget K
Bridget K 10 dagar sedan
Ethan and Trisha plus a sprinkle of Dan and Moses is everything
Kate Martin
Kate Martin 11 dagar sedan
I hope I'm not the only one, but I don't know a lot about religions in general, but I knew Fiddler on The Roof was set in Russia because of that one episode of Community, where the end scene is Donald Glover singing "it's hard to be Jewish in Russia, yo!". 🤭
BabyBoyBelcher 11 dagar sedan
He was GENUINELY upset with her when she gagged 😂🤣😂
Tiktok Spill
Tiktok Spill 11 dagar sedan
Funny how any second says anything small about Judaism Ethan is always the first one to call her out even if it’s not that bad yet he’s allowed to talk poorly about Christianity. So no ones allowed to say anything about Jewish people but he’s allowed to comment and judge other religions?
Tiktok Spill
Tiktok Spill 11 dagar sedan
Trivia starts at 1:20:00 ur welcome:)
ft. highmin
ft. highmin 11 dagar sedan
1:11:44 I love how Ethan is like so calm abt it, he's just letting Trisha going all out
Najat Alfahham
Najat Alfahham 11 dagar sedan
I need more trish and Ethan the current content is not enough for me 😭
Brodii C
Brodii C 11 dagar sedan
Dan is so annoying lmao just listen to Ethan and let the man eat its not that big of a deal lol
nué ángel
nué ángel 11 dagar sedan
i love that lucas and josh were talked abt in this ep its my two youtube worlds colliding
Abigail Green
Abigail Green 11 dagar sedan
Ethan is such a dick LMAOAOAOAOOAAOAOAOA I lovehim
BlackRoseAssassin 12 dagar sedan
Big sibling energy. I live for it.
Ketchup Gaming
Ketchup Gaming 12 dagar sedan
My entire family is from New England mainly New York but my mom is Jewish my dad is Christian my moms dad is Christian my moms mom is full Jewish and my dads parents are Christian and I’m a quarter Jewish but my nana knew some Hebrew and she knows a lot about Jewish culture. Even though there’s Christians and Jews my dad loves celebrating Jewish holidays with us. Also I don’t think my nana experienced Christmas until she was older and married my poppa because she is full Jewish
Ketchup Gaming
Ketchup Gaming 13 dagar sedan
I’m actually Jewish and this just made me laugh I’m only like a quarter Jewish though lol
Claudia Jean Lindgren
Claudia Jean Lindgren 13 dagar sedan
Elyse Dole
Elyse Dole 13 dagar sedan
I'll never understand why it's so hard for fat people to lose weight. They'll try a million diets and blame them for not working. You don't need a diet. Just eat around 1,500 calories of whole foods and exercise. It's not fucking complicated.
eman imran
eman imran 11 dagar sedan
@Elyse Dole it ain’t ur business anyways. mind ur own.
Elyse Dole
Elyse Dole 11 dagar sedan
Just stating a simple fact. I'm sorry that you don't have self-control over food.
Cass 11 dagar sedan
@eman imran ditto!. shut up op
eman imran
eman imran 12 dagar sedan
respectfully, shut up.
Tay 13 dagar sedan
Sylvers Orasco
Sylvers Orasco 13 dagar sedan
“Are we chubby cuties?”
Clara Müller
Clara Müller 14 dagar sedan
Dude i totally remember Trisha eating a hotdog 🌭 in some video on her channel !
Karlee Viator
Karlee Viator 14 dagar sedan
omg the shoutout to josh and lucas ovalle
Karlee Viator
Karlee Viator 14 dagar sedan
trisha does not hold back
Brandy Smith
Brandy Smith 14 dagar sedan
Ethans every second “glizzy please” has me dying 😂😂
Bryan Soumetho
Bryan Soumetho 14 dagar sedan
@trishapaytas! Like i literally want to be your friend, just to be friends
F 15 dagar sedan
Rosie Laton
Rosie Laton 15 dagar sedan
Me realizing I mostly know about Jewish things from the oc
Niconorge 15 dagar sedan
There are so many things that make my skin crawl and the tone deaf way she says “Our” traditions, did she convert? I doubt it otherwise she would be talking about being turned away by the rabbi. Btw I am a Jew. I m not a gatekeeper at all either. Is Trisha fetishizing Judaism and Jewish/Israeli culture? Maybe I’m just turned off by the know it all attitude because originally ! thought it was cute.
Julie Gaspar
Julie Gaspar 15 dagar sedan
i found a picture of trisha eating a hotdog
Jacob Turner
Jacob Turner 15 dagar sedan
trisha not getting the plagues right is my absolute favorite thing ive ever seen😭😭😂😭😂
Kelsie Richins
Kelsie Richins 15 dagar sedan
I’m pretty sure the rapture was just made up by a random pastor in the 1900’s so it doesn’t matter.
Clay Abernathy
Clay Abernathy 15 dagar sedan
Please someone stop letting Ethan eat/smack into the microphone.
rune 16 dagar sedan
"people don't get stoned in Isreal for their religious beliefs" what about the horrendous ways they treat palestinians?
Inez Ferguson
Inez Ferguson 16 dagar sedan
omg.. trisha’s eyes look so pretty and gray
Fisticuffs Fistagain
Fisticuffs Fistagain 16 dagar sedan
I spent too much time of this thinking about him smashing the bread with that thing...
logan schreiber
logan schreiber 16 dagar sedan
trishas so pretty omg
kfreak1111 16 dagar sedan
1:36:31 with pizzas and love
kfreak1111 14 dagar sedan
@naomi vids thankyou
naomi vids
naomi vids 14 dagar sedan
John Deacons Hair
John Deacons Hair 17 dagar sedan
"We dont have beef, shes just dumb" TRISHA LMAO
smiles xo
smiles xo 17 dagar sedan
The way Trisha came for Scott
Jackson Ueland
Jackson Ueland 17 dagar sedan
Stop with the glizzies it’s a PODCAST, moon wants to listen to Ethan be terrible at talking and eating at the same time
Madi D
Madi D 17 dagar sedan
LMFAOO I love ethan like "ok ok alrighttt ok ok alrighhtt" While Trisha is like "nyeeeaAAHHHHHHHH *super saiyan*" on Scott's ass regarding his tattoos, hair and talent
gabriela peña
gabriela peña 17 dagar sedan
i been an h3 stan all the way 🥺
elpizojkr 17 dagar sedan
"Next question please. Thanks so much. Peace and love." that'll be part of my vocab from now on 😂😭
luna lu
luna lu 17 dagar sedan
Trisha should do her research on being Moroccan
D F 17 dagar sedan
so are we just going to ignore the fact that Trisha said "drownded" ... ?
erica dodd
erica dodd 17 dagar sedan
Foot soldiers!!
Hopeless 18 dagar sedan
Trisha is very immature in this one. The way she doesn´t see anything wrong with being straight up mean to a 19 year old girl. Like Ethan said, there are many valid reasons to criticize Dixie and Charlie but Trisha was pulling some mean girls behaviour.
Peter Zuurbier
Peter Zuurbier 18 dagar sedan
Koshur hotdogs / halal hotdogs are the BEST and I HATE that Trisha is a hater of the dogs.
Leeor Burton
Leeor Burton 18 dagar sedan
Yo trisha, I stan but in the first 2 minutes you spewed some offensive stuff. First of all, youre not supposed to just as Ado**i, and orthodox women can absolutely pray.... they just dont wear a talit because they are believed to be naturally closer to god...... please please educate yourself before speaking on topics you do not understand. ESPECIALLY with Jewish stuff because things can be so misconstrued and end up contributing to anti-semitism. As a jew I work so hard to be careful about what I say in order to give an accurate picture of judaism to those who haven't experienced it and when you just go off its so frustrating when we spend our whole lives trying to avoid that.
B Mo
B Mo 18 dagar sedan
18:15 what is that sound?
maggie alder
maggie alder 18 dagar sedan
can we talk about how trish said Moses is an O JEW
Payton Brown
Payton Brown 19 dagar sedan
*Trisha referring to the Holocaust* “that is sad that was a sad incident”
Ozzy 19 dagar sedan
Trisha looks so tiny in this video 😍
hayley? 19 dagar sedan
when trisha was like "the resurrection is soon" i literally was expecting her to ask ethan if they could have jesus on the podcast
Morgan Nelson
Morgan Nelson 19 dagar sedan
No offense, with peace and love... but Trisha is gorgeous tha house, but her beautiful head dress/ cloak makes me immediately think she is draped with a white glad bag with the red tie handles 😂 lol love her so much she's so iconic obvi...BUT....
Karess Capella
Karess Capella 20 dagar sedan
They spit at you? I wouldve beat their ass
Zuly C
Zuly C 20 dagar sedan
Never expected to see Cody Ko on this show but my worlds are colliding😌
thelovelyunicorns 20 dagar sedan
I was today years old when I realized David is only 24 wtf
emily diaz
emily diaz 21 dag sedan
who tf even is scotty anymore like i haven’t heard ab him in years 😂😂😂
emily diaz
emily diaz 21 dag sedan
i really really love ethan so much hes such an amazing sweet person but also soooo funny and never gets old to me, hes the best !!
William Furtis
William Furtis 21 dag sedan
Trish:i'd hide moses in my house from the nazis but then i'd be on social media and they'd be like "we see him" 💀💀💀😭😭😭😭😭IVE NEVET LAUGHED SO HARD!!!!!
Slimy Drea
Slimy Drea 6 dagar sedan
@Christine Fazhava 1:45:23
Christine Fazhava
Christine Fazhava 10 dagar sedan
time stamp please
hbh Tcr
hbh Tcr 20 dagar sedan
Madisyn Huggins
Madisyn Huggins 21 dag sedan
Trish: don't call me girl, my pronouns are they Trish minutes later: I'm a double XL kinda girl (No hate, I just noticed)
Julia Williams
Julia Williams 21 dag sedan
Moses thinks he's THE Moses :0 is that why he's obsessed with water?
Hannah Watterson
Hannah Watterson 22 dagar sedan
can i get a glizzzy??
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