Jake Paul Fight Was A Disaster - H3 Podcast # 244

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22 dagar sedan

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Dennis 12 timmar sedan
Here only to illegally stream some fight
bestsnowboarderuknow 14 timmar sedan
Bet this video gets taken down soon. Because of the lawsuit. Then it'll be put back up when H3 inevitably wins. He's commenting on the footage, and not usurping the market. Clear cut fair use, get a cheap lawyer, it's an easy win.
Etienne Pagex
Etienne Pagex 14 timmar sedan
"These paul brothers are like herpes they do not go away" Quote of the decade for sure
Drewdog 15 timmar sedan
1:26:08 - I THINK this is where Triller decided to sue. He quoted a joke, they paused it, and now they want 50 mil. Good grief, that Jake Paul fight really was a disaster. Good thing I watched Minecraft with the Boys instead.
Oscar Mendoza
Oscar Mendoza Dag sedan
Boycott the companies that run adds on FOX, thats all they care about.
Becoming Japanese 日本
Becoming Japanese 日本 Dag sedan
I just came here because of the news.
Collin McRae
Collin McRae Dag sedan
Zach looks like Mickey Rourke in Th Wrestler and Dog the Bounty Hunter had a baby.
Tater Dag sedan
Triller with that $50 Million lawsuit incoming
Shahab Akhavan
Shahab Akhavan Dag sedan
You are on the news now , your going to get famous.
AXEPEX Dag sedan
Ian's going to jail
Ernway edeth
Ernway edeth 2 dagar sedan
who knew Ethan would be against free speech one day, crazy
JenniferBaby K
JenniferBaby K 2 dagar sedan
Remember when you relentlessly harassed a black musician?? You caused him Great Depression I think you are a closet racist! Is that fair for me to claim?? You sure like throwing that around Willy nilly!!
JenniferBaby K
JenniferBaby K 2 dagar sedan
I’ll let someone kneel on the back of my neck for nine minutes and I won’t die because I won’t be high on fentanyl...
Kilo 2 dagar sedan
damn you need to calm down and stop hating on people who are addicted to drugs child
JenniferBaby K
JenniferBaby K 2 dagar sedan
Fentanyl Floyd caused his own demise by overdose, that cop did his job! I hope they appeal because of Mad Maxine and her threats to the jurors.. if I still lived in MN and was on that jury, just by evidence alone, I would vote not guilty and then move out of state ASAP! Did you know Floyd held a loaded G*n to a pregnant woman and robbed her? Where’s her justice? Does her blk life matter?? Smh your politics really suck!
probityk 14 timmar sedan
you do realize that someone can die by asphyxiation even without someone's knee on your back while you're handcuffed and on the ground on your stomach? the coroner stated this plainly. SECOND - If you were handcuffed and in custody, and you had literally any point of weakness or deficiency, and you managed to die in police hands because of it, THEY ARE STILL LIABLE. THIRD -- It's the job of the police to bring suspects into custody so they can face a jury of their peers. The presumption of guilt should ALWAYS be on the police if they fail to do this. Not on a corpse unable to defend themselves. It is their [the cops] responsibility to defend the necessity of their failure if bringing a suspect alive is not possible. okay good day retard
JenniferBaby K
JenniferBaby K 2 dagar sedan
F Biden! Trump is still my president!
Kilo 2 dagar sedan
fake account
JenniferBaby K
JenniferBaby K 2 dagar sedan
You have turned your content that was funny and watchable, to just annoying politics! Nobody wants to be here for politics! Smh make a different channel for that, man damn!
JenniferBaby K
JenniferBaby K 2 dagar sedan
Wth is that sideshow bob?? Modeling the merch??
Drewdog 16 timmar sedan
Too much red wine is bad for you. Make that one about race you fuckin' looney ya.
Collin McRae
Collin McRae Dag sedan
Put the phone down crazy.
Brittney Elise
Brittney Elise 4 dagar sedan
During 1:04:30 Dan says something like they can because the whole sandy hook thing. Does h3h3 have a video on that? I never understood it and I searched and couldn’t find one from them
Uncle Fa
Uncle Fa 4 dagar sedan
Crowder and other far right pundits only debate college kids
Simon Denischuck
Simon Denischuck 4 dagar sedan
Ethan, Im not gonna argue but poverty doesn’t put a gun to a persons back and force them to commit crime.. that happens because the person thinks commuting crime is okay so I mean your argument meant nothing there
Christian Xander
Christian Xander 4 dagar sedan
Of course it doesn't put a gun to their back but it pushes them in that direction. I'm not saying I agree with it but I do understand the reasoning behind it
Simon Denischuck
Simon Denischuck 4 dagar sedan
I think everyone forgets there was an Asian and other officer there who also did NOTHING, and the Asian cop LOOKS like he wants to do something so why didn’t he?
Simon Denischuck
Simon Denischuck 4 dagar sedan
@Christian Xander no they didn’t kill a man themselves but sitting there watching didn’t help either
Christian Xander
Christian Xander 4 dagar sedan
No one's saying they're not at fault so....
Simon Denischuck
Simon Denischuck 4 dagar sedan
Sitting here waiting for the crew to react to the Bryant girl who was shot by a white cop, because I’d love to hear what they have to say
4 dagar sedan
Where the other scumbag tell that abomination to pick up its trash
fromordonlikebrennan 5 dagar sedan
Candace "Uncle Ruckus" Owens
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels 5 dagar sedan
Jake will not fight a real boxer in the prime of their career since he's NEW. You don't go out competing against black belts when you're a white belt.
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels 5 dagar sedan
Mike performed so well that fight that he had to hold back since its a no KO bout lmao
Carly Seibel
Carly Seibel 6 dagar sedan
I’m thinking the “lawsuit” was really a scare tactic to get people to pay the 59.99 after the fact. Nobody wanted to pay for that BS. Named H3 for the attention. the actual details in the lawsuit were just like Jake, all hype no substance.
Ernway edeth
Ernway edeth 12 timmar sedan
@Collin McRae they clearly don't because the bit they showed was behind a paywall (not fair use) why you acting like these 4 emotionally charged amateurs can't make a mistake
Collin McRae
Collin McRae Dag sedan
@Ernway edeth You’re a fucking idiot. You don’t think Ethan knows what he is doing? You don’t think his team know fair use law? Ofcourse they do.
Ernway edeth
Ernway edeth 4 dagar sedan
no h3 is clearly in wrong legally speaking, the video shown here is behind paywall, theres no excuse. i don't like jake but they got him
______________ 6 dagar sedan
It Israel
Creamfan 7 dagar sedan
Giving a view so he has to pay more money
Zskyler Harden
Zskyler Harden 7 dagar sedan
I wanna watch zac move but also it was ur idea zac don’t cap my guy
Skylark 8 dagar sedan
“Open mouth, insert foot.” Let’s all take a valuable lesson from all this people. Your mouth could cost you A LOT of money 😐
Alysdaxei 8 dagar sedan
Anyone who thinks Ethan is going to jail for these streams is surely a child. Never mind the fact he's a millionaire, even a poor person wouldn't go to jail for this. Not that I expect that Keemstar's fans are the brightest.
gay reatard
gay reatard 8 dagar sedan
1:29:27 "I did not broadcast it" YOU'RE DOWN BAAAAAD THIS TIME MY GUY.
Ben Dag sedan
@gay reatard It is absolutely legal if he's using it for the show to commentate on it. It's called fair use... The same way a movie reviewer can use clips from a movie for his review to criticize it. And if that reviewer had a video file of that movie that he shared with his employees, the act of sharing it would not be illegal at all. Only if he rebroadcasts it or makes money from it.
Ben Dag sedan
@gay reatard That's literally not true. His employees work for him and represent the show. His company is getting sued and they work for the company dummy, they're not suing him personally. Are you seriously this dense?
gay reatard
gay reatard Dag sedan
@Ben oh so now it's his employees and not him like you said? Interesting how everything you're saying is falling apart , it's almost like you just dont listen. I already told you, he doesn't need to get profit from it to be illegal Btw even if it was JUST his employees, still not legal, still shown it to 21 people ;)
Ben Dag sedan
@gay reatard And that "admission" doesn't really mean anything. That can easily be tossed out of any court because he can just say he made that in jest for his show.
Ben Dag sedan
@gay reatard "His buddy" aka his employee lmfaooo. Dude you literally have no idea what you're talking about. It was a private (unlisted) video that was used for the show so he could commentate on it. The 21 views were from him and his employees. Him doing that, is not illegal at all as he didn't rebroadcast it or sell it. He then leaked the link in the show and that's about it. If he hadn't leaked it, there would be zero case but he did so they came down on him. But again, its not pirating in any way, shape or form. I can guarantee Triller will lose this or will get an extremely small sum in mediation.
lil nas x shitpost
lil nas x shitpost 8 dagar sedan
Caught in 69k
Ivan Ramirez
Ivan Ramirez 8 dagar sedan
"idk what you're talking about" "that wasn't me" the guy is smart lol
M̤̈Ë̤Ë̤Z̤̈ C̤̈Ḧ̤Ë̤Ë̤S̤̈Ë̤
M̤̈Ë̤Ë̤Z̤̈ C̤̈Ḧ̤Ë̤Ë̤S̤̈Ë̤ 5 dagar sedan
Ethan didn’t catch on and continued to incriminate him.
Govind Nair
Govind Nair 8 dagar sedan
Anyone after neon man's news😂🤣
A Z 8 dagar sedan
Keemstar put you on blast🤡💀
Fin 8 dagar sedan
Great video
Boss Karen
Boss Karen 8 dagar sedan
Caught in 4K
Mr. AGNB 9 dagar sedan
Good luck in prison😂
Ayush Thakur
Ayush Thakur 9 dagar sedan
See you after 5years 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ayush Thakur
Ayush Thakur 9 dagar sedan
@Aryan neon man
Aryan 9 dagar sedan
Neon man or wot
DM Clips & VOD
DM Clips & VOD 9 dagar sedan
5 years in prison AHAHAHAHA
Mr D
Mr D 9 dagar sedan
Well that shithead cop deserves to go to prison but let’s just say there was a chance he wasn’t fully guilty, he wouldn’t have gotten a fair trial. The jury and everyone would have been affraid of what would happen if the cop got off or a weak sentence. So yea, he got what he deserved but he wouldn’t have gotten a fair trial either way.
Snake Community Exposed
Snake Community Exposed 9 dagar sedan
Have fun in prison for 5 years
Broken Kitchen Timer
Broken Kitchen Timer 9 dagar sedan
Now i know why Ethan is getting sued. He watched a pirated video of the fight and put it on this podcast.
B a b e
B a b e 9 dagar sedan
I like h3 but this was not a smart move
Lonely Sprinkler Head
Lonely Sprinkler Head 9 dagar sedan
If only there was a certain pool of money to help with this lawsuit...maybe something created for creators accused of things like this? Maybe if something like that was maintained it could be of help here?
Kilo 2 dagar sedan
the original fair use lawsuit cost more than what the fund raised. they expected their to be money left over and that they would donate it, but that wasn't the case
C A 9 dagar sedan
SM 9 dagar sedan
1:32:10 hate to see it
Person 9 dagar sedan
come o random asteroid.
The God Emperor of Mankind
The God Emperor of Mankind 9 dagar sedan
The old exe videos were legendary
Kevin G
Kevin G 9 dagar sedan
Anyone heard about that shit company Triller trying to sue H3H3?
Naud van Dalen
Naud van Dalen 9 dagar sedan
@Char Roblox Get out hater.
Char Roblox
Char Roblox 9 dagar sedan
It’s more of a blessing
Naomis Dream
Naomis Dream 9 dagar sedan
1:26:50 Ethan mentioning the Jake Paul fight & pressed play on the content. Who’s here after Triller announced it’s suing Ethan 😭
H M 6 dagar sedan
Isn’t it on SEpost, That’s a SEpost video
Naud van Dalen
Naud van Dalen 9 dagar sedan
They can't do anything. He showed the fight 5 days after the event. The pay per view was over, so Triller can't charge him $50 per view.
B a b e
B a b e 9 dagar sedan
me.. i love h3 but this was a dumb move
Kevin 9 dagar sedan
Leaders and Lunatics
Leaders and Lunatics 9 dagar sedan
Doing the lords work- bless you brother Kevin.
Dude 9 dagar sedan
Magic Spoon unknowingly sponsored a pirated stream - Advertisers need to be especially cautious when going near the H3 podcast.
Cata' 9 dagar sedan
triller is suing wtf 🤣
Dante GORANSON 8 dagar sedan
@Emilie 266 Yeah that is why they are going to sue the biggest on the play forms who did it.
lil nas x shitpost
lil nas x shitpost 8 dagar sedan
@Dante GORANSON not 1 million people only 1 million times
Dante GORANSON 9 dagar sedan
@Naud van Dalen You know H3h3 deleted his post on twitter about the fight, right? He did that because he knows that will be held against him. Also, he did not stream it 5 days after. Second watch the newesst Drama alert he literally ADMITS HE PIRATED THE FIGHT OMG WHY CANT YOU ALL JUST DO SOME RESEARCH INSTEAD OF ACTING LIKE DUMBASSES HOLY SHIT
Naud van Dalen
Naud van Dalen 9 dagar sedan
@Dante GORANSON He streamed the fight 5 days after the fight. If someone didn't pay Triller $50 and watched the H3 Podcast later on, they couldn't even pay Triller $50 if they wanted to because it was already over.
Emilie 266
Emilie 266 9 dagar sedan
@Dante GORANSON Theres no way they’re gonna be able to sue 2 million people
Hernandez Markie
Hernandez Markie 9 dagar sedan
Glad ur getting sued and loosing everything
imnoop GT
imnoop GT 9 dagar sedan
@htbl true. 150k is like 0.1% of his whole networth so he doesnt care
htbl 9 dagar sedan
Pretty sure manz is rich af he probably wont care
Andrew S
Andrew S 9 dagar sedan
The maximum statutory damages for blatant IP theft (Like showing the entire event and making money) is like $150k Ethan showing maybe 60 seconds in total is far less egregious than that and They are likely to make a successful fair use argument. The cost and attorneys fees and time would suck but there's no way he's losing everything. Keep dreaming though
Scivnce ,
Scivnce , 9 dagar sedan
You stay broke tho hernandez
Scivnce ,
Scivnce , 9 dagar sedan
Not you thinking this multi millionaire is gonna lose this bulshit lawsuit 😂😂
Cajun Loki
Cajun Loki 10 dagar sedan
Way to go admitting to a crime while throwing your bud under the bus too
catchifyoucan232 10 dagar sedan
For the Magic Spoon ad - I realize that the company asked Ethan to eat for the ad read, BUT that’s no excuse to eat like a pig, being as obnoxious as possible. It makes me want to skip over the ad:
james rogers
james rogers 10 dagar sedan
Well its not like you paid for it.
Siddharth 10 dagar sedan
We stand with you Papa like we did before
Andrew S
Andrew S 10 dagar sedan
Welcome H3 haters. Feel free to leave your ignorant legal opinions below...
Andrew S
Andrew S 9 dagar sedan
@Art with Kids This is an intellectual property lawsuit so jail time was never on the table. Many of the other defendants that were named seem to have blatantly uploaded the entire fight on SEpost or other websites. The case against H3 is going to be a fair use fight which is not something you should bring against these guys unless you're coming correct.
Hải Nguyễn Thanh
Hải Nguyễn Thanh 9 dagar sedan
Thank sheep
Art with Kids
Art with Kids 9 dagar sedan
Umm i like h3h3 and u have to admit thriller has all the right in suing him weather u like it or not , he admitted it and there is no going back from it , he will be fined or possibly jailed.
Hydrp {x
Hydrp {x 10 dagar sedan
1:29:25 where the lawsuit starts.
Chris Jacobs
Chris Jacobs 10 dagar sedan
ethan straight up obese
Sheesh Beesh
Sheesh Beesh 10 dagar sedan
dude good luck with the lawsuit.
capt truth
capt truth 10 dagar sedan
Lawsuit won’t work
Randamu Shō
Randamu Shō 10 dagar sedan
Ethan can be obnoxious but I wouldn't like to see him go to jail for this. Hope they just gota pay a fine and will be fine.
Andrew S
Andrew S 10 dagar sedan
Considering there are no criminal charges filed that is literally impossible.
erkbun 10 dagar sedan
Is this the episode he's being sued over?
I’m on blogtv With my hands up
I’m on blogtv With my hands up 10 dagar sedan
Brunaito G
Brunaito G 10 dagar sedan
Damn Ethan lets see how the lawsuit goes
Alysdaxei 8 dagar sedan
He'll be fine.
capt truth
capt truth 10 dagar sedan
It’s not going anywhere
Alexander 10 dagar sedan
Who else is here after Ethan is being sued for pirating the Jake Paul v. Ben Askren fight?
onuh 10 dagar sedan
enjoy jail
Andrew S
Andrew S 9 dagar sedan
@Naud van Dalen I'm pretty sure the main reason they included H3 in the suit was to send a message. Problem is, Ethan is a fair use warrior and has been begging for one of these assholes to sue him. I wouldn't be surprised if he decided to take it to court just to prove a point even if Triller offers to settle. Unlike Matt Hoss (from the infamous fair use case that went to the state supreme Court, h3 won and set precedent), Triller actually has money that would make a counter suit worthwhile depending on his attorney's advice.
Naud van Dalen
Naud van Dalen 9 dagar sedan
@Andrew S People are comparing this to Suzy Lu watching entire anime episodes and barely reacting to them. Ethan talked about this fight a lot. Not just a few mild live reactions. I don't think they can claim that every viewer would have paid $50. Also, people could have clicked on the video multiple times. They streamed this 5 days after the fight, so the pay per view event was over, so people couldn't even pay $50 if they wanted to. People who actually get caught are ones who livestreamed the event and getting watched by people who otherwise would have paid for it.
Andrew S
Andrew S 10 dagar sedan
Jail time is literally impossible in the absence of criminal charges. Best case they can get charges dismissed outright and worst case they have to make a fair use argument in court; something that H3 is incredibly famous for being one of the first big SEpost channels to win in the state supreme Court already. If you are a hater, licking your lips over this suit, you're going to be terribly disappointed.
Ali 10 dagar sedan
This isn't a criminal case, he's not going to jail.
Rafael Flores
Rafael Flores 10 dagar sedan
Lmao I can guarantee you he’s not going to jail at most he just has to pay a fine
Mahmoud Allahbauch
Mahmoud Allahbauch 10 dagar sedan
It’s great he has three podcast but the bleed over is devastating
Cara Hope
Cara Hope 10 dagar sedan
The new beanies are 🔥🔥🔥
Ole Haugan
Ole Haugan 10 dagar sedan
I don't mind the politics, but I wish Ethan would not curse people out so much
Ole Haugan
Ole Haugan 10 dagar sedan
Ben and Tim are so cringe, thinking they are so smart. No humility and no self insight makes them dumb
Oneless Dummy
Oneless Dummy 11 dagar sedan
females make bad comedians
Olivia Moreno
Olivia Moreno 11 dagar sedan
I do not like when I make direct I contact with Dan🤣
Squealing Wafflez
Squealing Wafflez 11 dagar sedan
Can we talk about how all the ufc fighters hate him now because he made more off that night than they do and they work their ass off
Erix Flores
Erix Flores 12 dagar sedan
Recently, Ethan and Hila preach that creators have a power dynamic on their fans and I find it funny that Ethan and Hila are taking the word of a small creator to try destroy Gokanaru. Of course Shoenice will take side to H3H3 because he is afraid of the repercussions that H3H3 will take against shoenice, and he was promised to be part of the H3H3 crew. Ethan and Hila are such huge pieces of shit who should both take accountability.
plankton736 13 dagar sedan
Isabel Szpunar
Isabel Szpunar 13 dagar sedan
I’ve been noticing a lot of tension between zach and ab.. is everything okay???😬😬
Dammit Jim
Dammit Jim 13 dagar sedan
Ben Askren is NOT a boxer by any means. I've never seen such a bad display of boxing in a televised match (amateur or pro) as bad as Ben's. Not to mention he's out of shape & had a hip replacement. Jake's a bully. Jake just wanted an easy win. And Ben wanted easy money.
King Omnis
King Omnis 13 dagar sedan
ND 8
L E X I.
L E X I. 13 dagar sedan
Lol @ calling the police “lazy fucks”.... Ethan don’t you have law enforcement protecting your ass around the clock? The police don’t just go arrest all these predator poaches because the poaches don’t even work for law enforcement. 🙄
Rita 13 dagar sedan
1:25:54 that was very cute, Dan looks great with the blue beanie
99petrovic 13 dagar sedan
Bring back content court!
colours 13 dagar sedan
havent heard the wompwomp in a while and it actually had me rolling. papa bless
dolores 14 dagar sedan
AB looks so foine this ep
99petrovic 14 dagar sedan
Why no more content court?
Kyle Dressel
Kyle Dressel 14 dagar sedan
My personal opinion on Chauvin is that he deserves jail time but not to that extent. I think the situation was a bit odd, he probably went a bit too far, and they didn't call for an ambulance quick enough. He should be charged for something along the lines of negligence, locked up for a good 5 years, and never allowed to be a cop again. And also, we should probably change the way police are trained to handle situations like these in the first place
Kyle Dressel
Kyle Dressel 14 dagar sedan
When Zach was explaining the filming comment and the booing soundbite went super loud I literally was laughing so much
Tyler Erb
Tyler Erb 14 dagar sedan
The fact that you can watch videos of Ethan using the N word with a hard R on SEpost makes half of this podcast extremely hypocritical. Ethan loves to act like at one point in time he didn’t say racist and homophobic things ON VIDEO
Jesus Sanchez
Jesus Sanchez 14 dagar sedan
Man ethans' opinion really sucks
Indira Ikhsan
Indira Ikhsan 14 dagar sedan
Dan’s blue beanie really brings up the blueness in his eyes. Pretty
i.de.varlos 14 dagar sedan
35:12 ethan: it's not gonna be a happy experience for him me: ^_^
Romane McNagan
Romane McNagan 15 dagar sedan
I wanna see Zach move, honestly that might be a great segment ;)
Erinkelly __
Erinkelly __ 15 dagar sedan
Jakes fights are all bs fights with no experienced fighters it’s so lame
Dan Hodson
Dan Hodson 15 dagar sedan
Genuinely, if you want the most up to date & consistent information about Mike Lindell, you need to watch some Internet Today videos (Formerly Machinima ETC)
Erinkelly __
Erinkelly __ 15 dagar sedan
Ethan you’re doing gods work lol
Avery Nobles
Avery Nobles 15 dagar sedan
the david guetta video ended me
NvrStpGaming 15 dagar sedan
Jake Paul may as well have a running race against Peter Dinklage
Jackson Holleman
Jackson Holleman 15 dagar sedan
czarotic 15 dagar sedan
'squidworth' 😤 dan it's squidward
giandina85 15 dagar sedan
Where can i see the trial?
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