It Keeps Getting Worse For David Dobrik - H3 After Dark #25

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H3 Podcast

2 månader sedan

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Jesse Ruiz
Jesse Ruiz Timme sedan
Conner Wilson
Conner Wilson 11 timmar sedan
floridaboi_407 Dag sedan
Idk why but when Dan laughs I die Everytime
floridaboi_407 Dag sedan
Man Ethan is sooo lucky dude what a gem hila is with peace and love of course... Papa bless
grumbybee Dag sedan
you didn’t say bitch to ME 😳
itszsonasty j
itszsonasty j 4 dagar sedan
I can’t get over how hard Hila was laughing at the “fuck you, AB” sound byte at around 23:27 😆
Jasmine Loera
Jasmine Loera 4 dagar sedan
Fupa trupa
Tree Fiddy
Tree Fiddy 9 dagar sedan
I kinda agree with Ethan's conspiracy theory. I wouldn't necessarily say education leads to liberalism, I know plenty of highly educated people who are right leaning still. BUT, I've always thought our government has a vested interest in keeping the population uneducated because they're easier to manipulate and control (fear mongering works better on those that are not equipped to research on their own). People who are able to critically think are much harder to manipulate 🤷🏻‍♀️
sixty syxti
sixty syxti 11 dagar sedan
Minimum wage workers are not rock bottom people.
Stephanie Aguirre
Stephanie Aguirre 11 dagar sedan
This podcast helps me destress
Benji Sotelo
Benji Sotelo 12 dagar sedan
David looks like jim from the office
Toby Mann
Toby Mann 14 dagar sedan
I love how we are just censoring sexual assault now like it doesnt exist. Not. Having a conversation about a problem will. Make it worse. Every ti.
Toby Mann
Toby Mann 14 dagar sedan
LOVE Ethans shirt
Kaitlin 15 dagar sedan
I REALLY hope this teacher gets fired. 🙏🙏🙏
Kaitlin 15 dagar sedan
I love their love 😭😫❤❤❤💘
hotman718 16 dagar sedan
Hila was angry she was shaking and shit. In her defense it did kinda sound like he called her a bitch but Ethan really would never say that to her.
zozo zimmerman
zozo zimmerman 17 dagar sedan
hila is incredibly insifghtgul 53:00
Armo X
Armo X 17 dagar sedan
yall need to stop dropping such awesome stuff on Teddy Fresh , Im running out of money
Leon Eduardo
Leon Eduardo 17 dagar sedan
1:18:27 ethan saw his life flash before his eyes
Lee L it ldii
Lee L it ldii 17 dagar sedan
I love hilas beauty it’s so unconventional and unique I wonder if she knows how pretty she is?! Ethan scored! Hila scored! Cutest couple ever!!
ghoul 17
ghoul 17 18 dagar sedan
Tniia _
Tniia _ 19 dagar sedan
White Collar
White Collar 19 dagar sedan
charliehockey78 19 dagar sedan
1:32:00 you’re more conspiracy theorist than the republicans you make fun of
clam juice
clam juice 20 dagar sedan
Ethan was spitting facts when he spoke about republicans doing whatever they can to deny education to poor people
kayla de leon
kayla de leon 21 dag sedan
ethan looking like a snack
Amara Aguilar
Amara Aguilar 22 dagar sedan
Nah sia is a hack,, she's not trying to help anyone
Emma Sofia
Emma Sofia 22 dagar sedan
This conversation about Trader Joe's is making me laugh so much
Alina G
Alina G 23 dagar sedan
why isn’t hila in the thumbnail ever anymore?
Anthony R
Anthony R 23 dagar sedan
"Humiliated him by coming out to him" let's not justify hate crimes :||
Karly x
Karly x 25 dagar sedan
23:23 best part
Hanaa Thomas
Hanaa Thomas 25 dagar sedan
39:40 i love these people
Jessica Messica
Jessica Messica 27 dagar sedan
1:32:37 Ethan getting all ticky in that pastel shirt is super adorable
Carly Boyd
Carly Boyd 27 dagar sedan
the tongue pressed to the back of your teeth is a trick to give you a more natural-looking smile. my mom would always make fun of me as a kid for having such faking-looking smiles in photos. Something about doing that makes it look more natural and less forced. So I do that for a more natural smile in photos now and it really helps, but you can barely see my tongue and his is like OUT. but that's probably why he does it.
Ms.Robin Murphy
Ms.Robin Murphy 29 dagar sedan
Hila is so beautiful
Leen Vandevoort
Leen Vandevoort Månad sedan
Ethan is right Ilove superhero movies but the films he mentiond suck big time but I thought gotham was fot me really good and I liked the joker in it
Dime Månad sedan
So according to hila , Zach being kind to complete strangers and offering to hang out with them whether or not it happens or doesn't happen is horrible? And why couldn't a female do that?
Melissa Costero
Melissa Costero Månad sedan
Holy shit I did not expect Ethan to be so intelligent
pawsrcute21 Månad sedan
"i am your host,, foopah shmaximus"
Brittney Grimes
Brittney Grimes Månad sedan
Have candace Owen's on ur podcast
Brittney Grimes
Brittney Grimes Månad sedan
I have never been able to get obama care cuz I have pre existing conditions
Estelle A
Estelle A Månad sedan
Ethan and Hila look really cute in this episode
Erin Sedgewick
Erin Sedgewick Månad sedan
badfish5447link Månad sedan
1:27:50 "they make like almost minimum wage... so it basically appeals to rock bottom people." - Ethan Klein 2021
kaitlyn Månad sedan
I find it funny how people will cancel a person for cheating but go quiet when their idol SA someone😩😩😩😩
learissa hunsinger
learissa hunsinger Månad sedan
Hearing Jason say I slipped him tongue first I literally almost threw up...bro you’re like 50 and you’re gross
Megzie Stjohn
Megzie Stjohn Månad sedan
In the school I want to the teachers would sleep with the students and the security guard would do it to
Megzie Stjohn
Megzie Stjohn Månad sedan
That teacher reminds me of the teachers that are at the high school
Judoka008 Månad sedan
No disrespect Ethan, but I wonder if there's a parallel universe where I get with Hila. Like... not your Hila, but like a exact look alike with the same personality but a totally different one. Because you know I'm not saying I find Hila attractive or anything but I jus......... ʸᵒᵘʳ ʷᶦᶠᵉ'ˢ ʰᵒᵗ
Tam Slam
Tam Slam Månad sedan
120$ for a hoodie with a teddybear yeah spend a extra 50$ get a whole Nike teck
Seth Berney
Seth Berney Månad sedan
Fuck yeah Ethan, preach about red vs blue. You are SPOT ON about voter suppression, gerrymandering, and keeling people dumb. Keep em poor, keep em dumb. They always fight each other this way.
austin brewer
austin brewer Månad sedan
It really kills me when ethan knows zero about batman. Like saying he doesn't shoot weapons....... the DARK KNIGHT shot projectile bombs. The batman he loves so much hahahaha
austin brewer
austin brewer Månad sedan
Dan is completely wrong about Zach Snyder movies. They are 100% movie magic!!!
Seth Berney
Seth Berney Månad sedan
Phil made his video the following Tuesday have the frenemies episode aired Wednesday the prior week. Phil always does his due dillegence. Don't understand why ya'll gotta alienate him like this.
Amanda Hindes
Amanda Hindes Månad sedan
I could not identify harder with Ethan's anti trader joe's small talk stance.
isa segur
isa segur Månad sedan
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Joysing Polash kumar876
Joysing Polash kumar876 Månad sedan
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Joysing Polash kumar876
Joysing Polash kumar876 Månad sedan
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Vicki Månad sedan
Conservatives don’t want people dumb, it’s that colleges teach people to be socialists & postmodernist Critical Race Theory - Democrats trade in identity politics.
Aaroneus James
Aaroneus James Månad sedan
Are those sound bites real?! Why didnt yall play them sooner? Thats thats the final blow right there.
RobDM Månad sedan
So why isn't it accepted where he comes from? Compton.
Lauren Abbott
Lauren Abbott Månad sedan
I'm so glad Ethan has the same opinion about the tongue thing. I've never watched David Do-Prick but when I saw his pics on social media he was always pulling goofy fucking face. It's so cheesey dude
dino pug
dino pug Månad sedan
I want to be your fitness coach 👀👀
Sherol Stewart
Sherol Stewart Månad sedan
Laurel Halo not making music anymore?
Meredith Schleehauf
Meredith Schleehauf Månad sedan
elle Månad sedan
fresh prince of dead air lol hila
Adam Månad sedan
23:20 has me dying
sloan1209 Månad sedan
Re listening to this a few weeks later. On the sia movie topic, you guys did defend an actress playing a trans role when she wasn't trans. So I don't think it's crazy that the girl is playing an autistic role when she isn't.
John Fisher
John Fisher Månad sedan
The Gerd, the Bad, and the Ugly
emma bourque
emma bourque Månad sedan
With peace and love I’m to broke to afford you clothes 😂
emma bourque
emma bourque Månad sedan
I wish I wasn’t so broke I literally want everything you sell on teddy fresh. Y’all gotta stop making cute clothes 😂😂
John M. Tiu
John M. Tiu Månad sedan
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Alyssa Marie
Alyssa Marie Månad sedan
Dan's laugh is the best
Miss Noela
Miss Noela Månad sedan
Just completely replace her with Trisha, she is so boring
_ckface_ Månad sedan
uhhhh you’re so rude. hila is his wife and started the h3 channel and podcast with him, have some respect ugly
shame on you
shame on you Månad sedan
Lego batman slander.....I will not take it......that's the best batman movie ever made actually :|
Bâbak Månad sedan
The entire “social justice warrior” thing and label was used precisely to silence people who made ANY kind of criticism. That’s what it was designed to do. Stereotype people, make it appear that everyone who makes any kind of critique of society, capitalism, the system we live in at all is an “sjw”. It’s such a deeply cynical world. Glad to have some sane voices with some basic human compassion in this fucked up socityy
Trill J
Trill J Månad sedan
I know people if that happen to them they would come back and air that place out
yung bruh
yung bruh Månad sedan
1:29:06 oh Ethan
MatthewG07 Månad sedan
hey guys so for the part where ethan says James commited a crime?? but don't you have an intent and act first for it to be a crime? som1 enlighten?
Amara O
Amara O Månad sedan
Nope. The intent is called mens rea and the act is called actus reus. Some crimes require mens rea and actus reus whilst some crimes only require actus reus
laney !!
laney !! Månad sedan
Sorry this is so off topic but the school thing was soooo right. I have 8 hours of school plus homework.
Mr D
Mr D Månad sedan
I’m neither, but out of the two parties, liberals are the most retarded and patronizing to black/Hispanic people. Everything Ethan said about republican, libtards do the same shit. Government as a whole, both sides, have agendas, and are stupid
shame on you
shame on you Månad sedan
School is built horribly. It's made to get you in and out as fast as possible because they need you in the work force as fast as possible, this is why there's so much homework because they need to cram all that learning into such a short period of our lives (which if you think about how long humans can live feels so ridiculous). It is NOT made for learning and it is made to ensure the people who are struggling are spit off the the wayside and forgotten about (basically if you cannot become a cog in the machine you are forgotten) so kids with physical or mental disabilities are often not given any help and even just kids who are not built to learn the way schools try to teach. If literacy and education were really so important to our countries they would allow school to be more lax and ensure everyone was leaving after having received the best possible education for them specifically. The reason school persists in its current form is because it is set up to model work, they expect you to see it as a chore and dedicate your entire life to it and they need to breed that into you young lol and no this isn't like a weird conspiracy it is essentially a byproduct of the system we live in, the same happens in different forms in different cultures lol.
shame on you
shame on you Månad sedan
Nah but even if she wasn't hard of hearing why the fuck would you speak to a student like that and yes I mean even if she wasn't answering his questions like how do u ask someone multiple questions and not clearly get the vibe there's a reason they aren't answering. It's crazy how teachers and professors use their position to exert power over their students like your job is to help us learn!!!
FatKidJoey Månad sedan
i like how ethan was cool at the start of the show and 1:30 in and Hila now has the look on her face of how uncool he is :)
John Doe
John Doe Månad sedan
Sorry but the running is what made the keto work, running burns carbs and fats that you are no longer getting from carbohydrates. It's only a great temporary weight loss diet
Dani Masterson
Dani Masterson Månad sedan
Well duh, running makes any diet work
Penny Jones
Penny Jones Månad sedan
I am a retired teacher because the school system canceled the reading program in the school when 50% of the school couldn’t comprehend while reading. I agree with Ethan. They want people to be less intelligent so they can dominate them.
J C Månad sedan
Hila asking “I wonder if she kept this” at 9:35 ...The answer would be yes......She actually wore this shirt on today’s episode of frienemies 😅
Luke W
Luke W Månad sedan
75% of people in school copy hw
Mobeek Månad sedan
are this stupid couple still on SEpost?! Jesus... how they got to this point?
Hazys Day
Hazys Day Månad sedan
Ethan looks just like a Easter egg
Lane Hansen
Lane Hansen Månad sedan
Please stop saying libtard it's ableist 🥰 love you tho Ethan keep up the great work
Shaffer Kropke
Shaffer Kropke Månad sedan
Bloodborne >>> Dark Souls imo
Audrey Sloane
Audrey Sloane Månad sedan
Raquel Rios
Raquel Rios Månad sedan
I fucking love Ethan, him talking about Trader Joe’s >>>>> so accurate!
Molly Jackson
Molly Jackson Månad sedan
D'angelo is going to rip him apart and, I cant wait. 😈
Wilson Duan
Wilson Duan Månad sedan
David is dead wrong for this, it is disgusting to listen to his conversation with Jason especially when he knew he was wrong.
Melle Rouge
Melle Rouge Månad sedan
I smile with my tongue out a bit too xD its just natural
Roxxi C
Roxxi C Månad sedan
Jonathan Mings
Jonathan Mings Månad sedan
Taylor St Cyr
Taylor St Cyr Månad sedan
"it's okay to talk to your cashier at your local trader joes" haha. it was the change in tone
Mathieu Charbonneau
Mathieu Charbonneau Månad sedan
Zach really looks like he’s always got chew tobbaco in his under lip.. anyone else noticed?
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