Infowars Attacks Ethan - H3 Podcast # 243

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29 dagar sedan

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BATTLEB0NG 13 timmar sedan
"it doesnt get more dystopian" what about concentration camps
gamer guy
gamer guy Dag sedan
so hard to run a society when we have to baby sit all these Neanderthals, geezuz
FlipLeTape 2 dagar sedan
"Intellectually dishonest" hahahaha How is intellect supposed to have anything to do with opinions or honestly in the first place? It's such a weird thing to say. He probably just means dishonest? lol
FlipLeTape 2 dagar sedan
Not saying everyone who follows them is like that, but that was literally my experience with it.
FlipLeTape 2 dagar sedan
It's so messed up though, the only guy I know who's not watching this as a joke is someone I went to school with. I was honestly just still answering him only because I and my friends really tried to help him before he literally became deemed criminally insane and heavily medicated. That whole thing was so sketchy. He was actually completely obsessed with these guys, demons and whatnot. He used to be completely normal a few years back. But, ya, I'm not even going to go about how dark that turned out to be...
AshVsTheDeadite 2 dagar sedan
Infowars and fox have created more retarded folks than falling rocks and car crashes.
justice white
justice white 3 dagar sedan
this dude is incredibly boring and brainwashed . Repent , how does anyone listen to this guy
Loading Name
Loading Name 3 dagar sedan
Man my dream episodes would be Ethan inviting Steven Crowder or Ben Shapiro I feel like they would have a grate conversation.
Josh Viar
Josh Viar 3 dagar sedan
Ethan is wrong here, just saying
Ally Bailey
Ally Bailey 4 dagar sedan
Aw Teddy petit bisou 😘👶mon petit bijou
Ally Bailey
Ally Bailey 4 dagar sedan
I never thought i would a Presidents son promote a jake paul fight for quick cash ..but i guess thats where were at with the former 1st family.
4 dagar sedan
Pick up your trash
Butt Head
Butt Head 4 dagar sedan
Why is this podcast so boring?
The bull El toro
The bull El toro 6 dagar sedan
Omg! This show has total left wing sympathies! Wait.... you think it’s just for a baseball game 🤣😂
Bedroom Junkie
Bedroom Junkie 7 dagar sedan
i don't get all the people shilling for needles & medical martial law these days. If Mengele was alive today, he'd probably be in the coup-vid taskforce, blasting out wagner on his german speakers & getting paid shit loads of fiat to fuck with peoples cells for a living. I feel sorry for all the people who are now blind because they thought lining up for the QR code vax-verified digital tattoo was the socially moral thing to do. *Bends over and takes his bum-swab
PrestidentElect PoopStain
PrestidentElect PoopStain 8 dagar sedan
Yang wants to give NY social points, and that shows your dumbass politician choices
Slick Morley
Slick Morley 8 dagar sedan
I'm surprised you do just watch tv news and believe everything they tell you? I thought u were smarter than that. U never heard of george carlin?
Slick Morley
Slick Morley 8 dagar sedan
Ur drumming up controversy in ur side as much as they are in there side. Why don't u see that. Ur pandering to one side they are to another.
Slick Morley
Slick Morley 8 dagar sedan
Cuz the vaccine isn't fully tested. And if there are passports it basically is mandated dipshit.
Alyssa Clarke
Alyssa Clarke 8 dagar sedan
Someone plz tell me why I can't find Ethan on Wikifeet
Alli Lee
Alli Lee 5 dagar sedan
are you on wiki feet men or just wiki feet
Laura Davis
Laura Davis 8 dagar sedan
ethan ily and just need to say your podcast is literally the only thing that has been getting me through my days lately. thank you
Jamie A2Z83
Jamie A2Z83 9 dagar sedan
InfoWars is really flexing that they got banned for harassing the parents of dead children?
Polish American
Polish American 9 dagar sedan
Maybe people don't want to get a vaccine that's causing all kinds of crazy health issues in many people? How is this hard to understand?
Polish American
Polish American 4 dagar sedan
@Shaquilly o'nilly the fact is, you have no idea what’s inside. And the mRNA ones act like DNA from my understanding which is super sketchy. Also many have live virus in them. It’s sketchy. This type of vaccine isn’t a tested technology it’s new and we have no idea what the long term effects will be.
Shaquilly o'nilly
Shaquilly o'nilly 5 dagar sedan
@Polish American What crazy, uncontrollable thing would cause harm in a person that’s in the vaccine. It’s not a shot with a bunch of random chemicals in it. Nobody wants to walk around showing their vaccine card to prove they can’t spread covid. You only have one, and there’s no photo ID so it could be stolen.
Polish American
Polish American 5 dagar sedan
@Alli Lee it’s herd immunity, not heard. And I’m never around elderly people. I’m 35 and all my elderly relatives have been dead for damn near a decade. I social distance and wear a mask if I go to the store. I haven’t had a cough or fever in years. I’m not taking some experimental shit. I don’t even know a single person who’s died from covid. Not one.
Polish American
Polish American 5 dagar sedan
@Shaquilly o'nilly I’m saying coerced under the pretense of not being able to work at certain jobs, travel by plane… I’m not talking about masks being the coercion. I’m saying that if the vaccine actually works so well and it’s worth the risk of getting ill from or dying from (which has happened to many people), why do you need to wear a mask after? Shouldn’t you be immune? I don’t care about a reward I care about not being forced to be injected with some shit that was only tested for a few months most likely.
Alli Lee
Alli Lee 5 dagar sedan
@Polish American yeah it’s low risk for young healthy people to die from covid. however unhealthy people cannot get the vaccine. So, it’s our job, as young healthy people to get vaccinated so that we don’t transfer the illness from ourselves to them. It’s called heard immunity. look it up.
thomas madden
thomas madden 9 dagar sedan
can you make teddy fresh more affordable please, thankyou. A poor person
Dean's World
Dean's World 9 dagar sedan
Ethan: nobodies forcing you to get a vaccine. Also Ethan: you have to get the vaccine to be apart of society
MarcusIsI 9 dagar sedan
Zac cannot call himself a muso if he thinks little help from my friends isn’t a Beatles song 😅😅
Alain Montoya
Alain Montoya 10 dagar sedan
Why dont you talk about bidens and hunters relationship you HYPOCRITES
Alain Montoya
Alain Montoya 10 dagar sedan
Shaquilly o'nilly
Shaquilly o'nilly 6 dagar sedan
Just like the other 30 vaccines I’m sure you already have in you.
Lucky Duck
Lucky Duck 11 dagar sedan
Wow that's huge face diaper dude is wearing. Hella safe!
McLovin 11 dagar sedan
Who hears the words coming out of these peoples mouths and thinks "Hey, this guy is making a whole lot of sense. AIDS 2.0 IS REAL"
Everardo Paz
Everardo Paz 11 dagar sedan
he was right about you
Simon Denischuck
Simon Denischuck 11 dagar sedan
Not only that but the mother afterward says “I want justice for my daughter” and she got it😎👍
Simon Denischuck
Simon Denischuck 11 dagar sedan
Well apparently the world is trying to make murder okay Ethan😂 did you hear about the 16 year old girl who got shot because she almost killed someone with a knife? And BLM is going crazy over it even thought the girl would have been a murderer, so apparently the world is trying to make it okay if your a POC 😂😂
Jent Strange
Jent Strange 10 dagar sedan
ok, simon.
Top Kek 123 01000111 01101111 01100100
Top Kek 123 01000111 01101111 01100100 11 dagar sedan
This proves Alex doesn’t work for the Jews.
HiRounder 12 dagar sedan
Ethan you're not seeing the point if we allow vaccine passports itll easily turn into China social credit scores. You're not seeing the big picture bud
HiRounder 12 dagar sedan
say NO to vaccine PASSPORTS
perrslice 12 dagar sedan
Dam cheated on the rock and roll trivia. He def googled it
vahnn0 12 dagar sedan
Ethan, you said there are much more dystopian things than I've actually seen passport, and then described the social point system used by the Chinese. The passport is the same thing, with a single point on it. It's only a matter of time before they decide to start adding other points.
Justice James
Justice James 13 dagar sedan
I agree with the fact of ethen saying some people with compromised immune systems can’t get vaccinated.. a lot of people are getting blood clots from the Vaccine because of predisposed health condition.. such as me I already have a heart condition that makes me at high risk for blood clots/ stroke from blood clots.. hence why I won’t get the vaccinated. However each to there own people who don’t have any health risk I say should get it
Robert Creech
Robert Creech 13 dagar sedan
Damn...Ethan has been in LA too long and is now a total brainwashed sheep. I’d prefer he just react to funny cat TikToks on his podcast...politics is clearly not his niche.
Victoria Duran- Coronado
Victoria Duran- Coronado 13 dagar sedan
Yo I swear to God, Jake has to be on steroids, he's far more agressive than normal. The dude is ruining himself moreso than I thought he could
Sofia Ruiz
Sofia Ruiz 13 dagar sedan
Love 💕 the shirt Ethan is wearing
Cassandra Ultimo
Cassandra Ultimo 14 dagar sedan
hedpe Channel One
hedpe Channel One 14 dagar sedan
you do need an id to vote. ???? thank the gods he's back in florida. florida man.
Jordan Carroll
Jordan Carroll 14 dagar sedan
Who is the father of Theodore Ethan
Jordan Carroll
Jordan Carroll 14 dagar sedan
What did you hear when they tossed your parts in the fire
Jordan Carroll
Jordan Carroll 14 dagar sedan
Wtf is wrong with you Ethan
Emily C
Emily C 15 dagar sedan
once you call planned parenthood an "abortion factory" im backing away slowly bro lmfao
sam fox
sam fox 15 dagar sedan
I want Jake vs Khabib
Joel Owens
Joel Owens 15 dagar sedan
you guys are failing to hit 1M views now.. what happened? trisha fatass?
M E 15 dagar sedan
We all just need to get along.
M E 15 dagar sedan
You make bank yourself courtesy of the evil free market.
samuel mazone
samuel mazone 16 dagar sedan
Invite him on your show!!!!
Liam 16 dagar sedan
"The bottom shit tier mma fighter that hasn't fought in three years" Ethan would you and your yes-men shut the fuck up about shit you know nothing about? Ben Askren was undefeated for 19 fights and world champion in two world-class organizations. He's never been known for his striking but he was a world-class wrestler which allowed him to dominate top-tier mma competition. Oh he was knocked out in 5 seconds? Yeah, by another world-class fighter who landed a flying knee on his double-leg takedown attempt. Masvidal perfectly anticipated the takedown attempt and landed a strike that would've killed someone like you. Eat shit.
Mize Fincter
Mize Fincter 16 dagar sedan
I don't know what was stupider, Ethan thinking vaccine passports are a good thing, or calling Ben askren bottom tier... Dude, the fuck?
Weldon Ebircsbus
Weldon Ebircsbus 16 dagar sedan
Haven't watched the podcast in awhile. Popped in to see what's good. And fuck, this is the most unfunny, uninformed garbage I've ever seen. I'm not even political. This shit is sooooooo bad. Unsubbed.
XxX_Numbers_10110_XxX i
XxX_Numbers_10110_XxX i 16 dagar sedan
This is just sad regurgitated old crap.
Keith 16 dagar sedan
I'm a fan of the classic rock trivia. And I appreciate Dan's, well, appreciation of Radiohead. I remember that Amnesiac shirt from way on back.... ;)
y yg
y yg 16 dagar sedan
These conpiracy theorist people are like the kids who were always one grade behind in science class trying to gain back self esteem somehow
andrew white
andrew white 16 dagar sedan
Almost 3 million subscribers and you can’t even throw in a time stamp or two
PGH Tha Villain
PGH Tha Villain 16 dagar sedan
Who tf is thiiiis guy *conor mcgregor voice* LOL this guy literally must live under a rock with that ugly ass suit and shiddy haircut smfh
Randall Flagg
Randall Flagg 17 dagar sedan
Hey, when you stick to comedy you're great, love the show. When you get political, you sound stupid. Why not discuss the crackhead son of the PotUS? Ethan, stay in your lane.
Camielle Archbold
Camielle Archbold 17 dagar sedan
What if they are trying to control us tho
Angelo 17 dagar sedan
i love how dan is the only one who is able to troll ethan , feel like all the other guys wouldn’t dare LMAOO
Logan Hill
Logan Hill 17 dagar sedan
Jake Paul got one of your videos restricted???
OJ Pimpson
OJ Pimpson 17 dagar sedan
2.8k Republican anti Jewish inbreds disliked
Yung Chingus
Yung Chingus 16 dagar sedan
good one, next time it might actually be funny
Yh Yh
Yh Yh 17 dagar sedan
Roslyn :3
Roslyn :3 17 dagar sedan
this episode was so fucking funny holy shit
Bebe Xo
Bebe Xo 17 dagar sedan
I have yet to decide whether to do the vaccine or not, I'm trying to do the research on both sides, but it's very hard to find anything genuine with all the misinformation; plus the fact that covid is being blown way out of proportion really doesn't help it's case. I don't want to contribute to anybody getting sick and potentially dying, but I also don't want to potentially get a blood clot in my brain and die.. Oh well, screw everything, I'll just move to the forest and live in a cave lol Also, I understand and kind of agree with the government controlling us part, it's just not direct. I really don't like that I might never be able to travel because I didn't do the vaccine, that by definition takes my freedom away! So the vaccine isn't quite literally forced, it's indirectly forced. Getting a license is COMPLETELY different, it doesn't involve me injecting something into my body that I don't really understand and couldn't understand because I'm not a scientist, it could also permanently damage me, don't forget that the vaccine isn't even fully certified yet. Also lastly, my mom had her first jab recently and she got really sick the day after, she's been sick for a week now and isn't getting better.. She's the only one who got the jab so far, there's 3 other people in the house and none of us are sick.
Feels Good Man
Feels Good Man 17 dagar sedan
Infowars is literally just Fox News on steroids
Haley Vader
Haley Vader 18 dagar sedan
One of the first vaccines used a base (non infectious or dangerous strain) of the HIV virus as the delivery system, it was an extremely small trial and when one patient had a false positive test for HIV they stopped the trial and scrapped the vaccine
Yon Dickle
Yon Dickle 18 dagar sedan
Anyone else hate the sound effects
Connor Sitts
Connor Sitts 18 dagar sedan
This whole channel sucks lol
sdjslkdjls skldjslkdjsl
sdjslkdjls skldjslkdjsl 18 dagar sedan
50:00 he never called you a pedo, but go off I guess
Yh Yh
Yh Yh 17 dagar sedan
Ngl ethan is getting more cringe and paranoid by the day
beingbeckeroni 18 dagar sedan
As a retail worker/manager, I’m tired of getting screamed at when I offer a free disposable surgical mask and try to enforce mask policy-please don’t make me the vaccine passport police. 😓
mage 18 dagar sedan
lmfaooo I went to a montessori school it is not intense.
APOCALYPTO 19 dagar sedan
Stop voicing your opinions against the uneducated. Have an anti-COVID vaccine doctor on your show. These mRNA vaccines were only created in 2018 and mRNA medicine in general is extremely understudied. I’m so sick of people taking what lady gaga says at face value and then denying actual scientific research.
APOCALYPTO 18 dagar sedan
tech [2̶0̶0̶4̶]!
tech [2̶0̶0̶4̶]! 18 dagar sedan
You’re mad
norahdior 19 dagar sedan
I’ve been a fan of this show and Ethan in general for so many years. But I literally can’t listen to this. I’m all for putting aside political differences where political differences have no place, but I truly couldn’t make throw the first 10 minutes of this episode. As such a long time fan, it’s sad to feel so alienated
Yh Yh
Yh Yh 17 dagar sedan
Hes just gone a bit mental hasn't he? Idrk why he's getting so pressed over other opinions over this, he's taken the bait hook line and sinker, he's getting more and more woke by the day, essentially he's at the position where he used to meme so hard on, but he knows that's where the money is - the viewing figures show it, better than ever, and he just wants to milk the cash cow now so.
Alex memster
Alex memster 18 dagar sedan
Me too, Ethan would usually make fun of people who attack him. But nowadays hes just "Broh, broh, you are so inferior broh".
True Greenbeard
True Greenbeard 19 dagar sedan
Dude, there have been anti-lockdown protests in Ireland, France, Netherlands, Germany and I'm sure other places. The US is not the only place you'll find skepticism with regards to Covid-19.
JumpMan3 19 dagar sedan
Alex Jones is pure comedy.
LOGAN'S CURSE 19 dagar sedan
Watch out for the parasite's and goblin's Ethan!!! LOL
young sosa
young sosa 19 dagar sedan
best episode!
Kirko 20 dagar sedan
Ethan turned into Hasan Piker this episode LMAO. Salute comrade!
Oliver Manpusse
Oliver Manpusse 20 dagar sedan
I COULD MUTILATE IAN OR DAN AT ROCK N ROLL TRIVIA!!!!!! IN ANY ROCK N ROLL GENRE DEATH METAL, THRASH,GLAM,GRUNGE,PUNK,INDIE,GOTH,NU METAL,BRITISH NEW WAVE,70s Glam, Sludge,Grindcore,Grindstone, Metal, Shock, Industrial, Stoner Rock,Southern Rock.......ETC...... Bring it on Boys!!!!
Oliver Manpusse
Oliver Manpusse 20 dagar sedan
Zach is so looking the answers up on their computer you can tell and see them looking on the screen through his glasses
Jackson Holleman
Jackson Holleman 20 dagar sedan
Anthony Carrera
Anthony Carrera 20 dagar sedan
As a huge Fleetwood Mac fan, I was triggered by the wrong question! Fleetwood Mac’s OG guitarist was Peter Green! He co created Fleetwood Mac with Mick Fleetwood, Peter Green (himself), and John McVie! They were indeed originally a blues band, then moved directions in 1795! Mick heard Stevie and Lindsey’s solo album “Buckingham Nicks” and wanted them to join Fleetwood Mac! Yes I believe Peter went to a Jesus cult! Also Stevie and Lindsey were in a band before FM called “Fritz!”
Anthony Carrera
Anthony Carrera 20 dagar sedan
I have been saying this since the beginning!!!! Why are people making a FUCKING SCIENTIFIC AND DEADLY PANDEMIC, A POLITICAL THING! It’s got nothing to do with peoples view on anything and they’re making it that way, PEOPLE ARE DYING DUMBFUCKS!!!
Yh Yh
Yh Yh 17 dagar sedan
Ironic considering that's what Ethan is doing
Katharina Fuchs
Katharina Fuchs 20 dagar sedan
damn I've never seen such a perfect example of every argumentative fallacy as that infowars guy. I can't believe that's REAL?! just... wow.
Meme NN
Meme NN 20 dagar sedan
If you have the vaccine then you don't have to worry if someone has covid19 or not (unless it's a variant that the vaccine isn't effective against). The vaccine doesn't make you immune from getting it. It makes it so if you get it, it is a much less dangerous. That is the % that they mention when talking about vaccines such as 87%, 75% etc. That percent is not immunity but the effect it has against covid19 when/if you get it. For example you get the virus and the vaccine is 87%, that means the virus only hits you with 13% of its potency. Some early tests have shown it works against some of the recent variants though. So getting the vaccine is the right thing to do, it makes it safer for you individually. If everyone gets the vaccine, the virus won't disappear but will make it so you won't die if you get covid19. Most likely covid19 is never going to go away entirely and it will have variants that will require more vaccines in the future.
Shay Gatehouse
Shay Gatehouse 21 dag sedan
Dan is Littlefinger🤣🤣🤣
Z -ONE 21 dag sedan
Airlines have the right to refuse service to people if they don't get vaccinated; it's their own business. Same way people have a right not to be forced to wear a mask; they can't force you to do something to your person. You just can't go inside a store. No one has a right to go inside an airplane or a store mainly because someone owns the business; that's their own property. The government doesn't own the property. However, people don't have a freedom to murder because freedom is the ability to live your life without having your rights infringed upon. The great Greek philosophers go into incredible detail and this is what modern ethics is molded around. People have a fundamental human right to life. If someone tries to murder you, your right to life is being infringed upon. No, there's no such thing as the freedom to murder lol.
Novineux 21 dag sedan
eurgh yuck I just can't watch this episode. Ethan and his yes men are just so brain dead in this one.
tech [2̶0̶0̶4̶]!
tech [2̶0̶0̶4̶]! 18 dagar sedan
@Novineux lol
Novineux 18 dagar sedan
@tech [2̶0̶0̶4̶]! that's news to me
tech [2̶0̶0̶4̶]!
tech [2̶0̶0̶4̶]! 18 dagar sedan
You have a sad life
Daniela Rubio
Daniela Rubio 21 dag sedan
But don’t you think your immune to listening to the other side? You only believe one thing and anything that isn’t what you believe you don’t want to hear it! And you dismiss the opposite even when it’s been proven about certain aspects of the virus. You also choose to believe somethings and not others. For example you believe science only when it’s convenient. Science has proven there’s only one gender. But you believe anyone can be any gender. Science doesn’t just get dismissed whenever you choose.
Daniela Rubio
Daniela Rubio 21 dag sedan
But Ethan, why can’t this guy on SEpost have an opinion as well. Don’t you see that as an issue? Who cares if what he believes is different then you, why isn’t he able to speak? That’s silencing someone for their beliefs
Daniela Rubio
Daniela Rubio 21 dag sedan
But I’m really betting those people with cancer aren’t out here at big events? So I’m not understanding... & couldn’t people say you are ignorant on the opposite spectrum?
Daniela Rubio
Daniela Rubio 21 dag sedan
If we don’t have a flu passport then why a covid passport? Really? Like why?
Daniela Rubio
Daniela Rubio 21 dag sedan
I honestly feel if your that scared of people not getting the vaccine then why the hell are you in big events? Like whaaatttt? That doesn’t even make sense. The vaccine isn’t 100% you still have a chance of getting covid EVEN WITH WEARING A MASK!! So what’s the point?
Talia Johnson
Talia Johnson 21 dag sedan
Fat Lost Media
Fat Lost Media 21 dag sedan
god ethan turned into such a tool
UrBoi ColinTheKing
UrBoi ColinTheKing 21 dag sedan
I wanna point out that they skipped one of Zachs turns
Sofia Ruiz
Sofia Ruiz 21 dag sedan
I love your Wednesday show 😍
Machiel de Groot
Machiel de Groot 21 dag sedan
I can’t believe none of them knew Dont Pass Me By
Machiel de Groot
Machiel de Groot 17 dagar sedan
@21 March, 2012 Me
21 March, 2012
21 March, 2012 20 dagar sedan
Who TF does?
Emily Dooley
Emily Dooley 21 dag sedan
yes fear inoculum is incredible, the lyrics arent Maynard's best, but the music is killer and youre right zack its a good ass record, sorry for the spelling
Emily Dooley
Emily Dooley 21 dag sedan
people are very quick to criticize
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