I’m Selling Vape Nation - H3 Podcast # 239

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Sayed Kamrul Hasan
Sayed Kamrul Hasan 7 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who thinks Jack is a bully? He plays "f*ck you, AB" almost every time AB tries to say something.
Jemma Craig
Jemma Craig 11 dagar sedan
lol tbh ethan if america stayed in the commonwealth your country probably wouldnt have ended up as fucked as it is rn. seppos if you dont like my comment sue me
Ismael Ledesma
Ismael Ledesma 19 dagar sedan
Dan plays devils advocate every single chance he gets and it gets so annoying
Lauren MPage
Lauren MPage 19 dagar sedan
45.00 the tune in demolition omg🤩
Sofia Ruiz
Sofia Ruiz 22 dagar sedan
I actually think the vape nation vid is hilarious
anna #
anna # 23 dagar sedan
i actually love burger king lmao
BloodAppleKiss 24 dagar sedan
That justin timberlake throwback hairdoo tho...
MrDragon1818 25 dagar sedan
Lmao y'all ripping the swag SO HARD. Losers lmao. Minus points for Teddy Fresh lmao
Kaitlyn Elizabeth
Kaitlyn Elizabeth 25 dagar sedan
Anyone else listening to this after Prince Phillip died?
Sofia Ruiz
Sofia Ruiz 28 dagar sedan
Miss the ramen 🍜 hair
Payton Hennessy
Payton Hennessy 29 dagar sedan
Ethan actually had it right with the tulip mania remark! People were spending exorbitant amounts of money on tulip flowers in Amsterdam and other regions of The Netherlands when colonialism was first ramping up. It did however lead to a lot of art on the occurence because it is remarked to be one of the first economic bubble crashes in the modern/post-modern world. Super interesting!
Leen Vandevoort
Leen Vandevoort 29 dagar sedan
I was crying hearing David speak about bulling that was sick
Sophia Garcia
Sophia Garcia Månad sedan
The david dobrik podcast clip made me go HUH
TheBloodBanshee Månad sedan
He literally said that he would only be a sellout if he sells Vape Nation. It took like five minutes for him to sell out.
READ ME Månad sedan
Me and my buddy have been vape nation biggest fans sick sick sick. Totally natural flavour bro churro flavour brah how much is vape nation. Been. Sold for all the way from Ireland
Felix Tismer
Felix Tismer Månad sedan
It’s amazing how you guys talk about Prince Philipp looking like a cadaver and a week later he dies 😂
First Last
First Last Månad sedan
Burger King is far superior to McDonald’s.
Honey cat
Honey cat Månad sedan
I thought vape nation was an idea made by one of joji's friends and Ethan stole it
badfish5447link Månad sedan
I agree with Dan it is really hard to avoid but I did it. I literally didn't know anything about this royal situation until now because fuck the queen
Bewe Issor
Bewe Issor Månad sedan
I know I'm late on the podcast but the Prince Philip comment feel a bit out of place even before he died
Stephanie Kurz
Stephanie Kurz Månad sedan
When I was a teenager, we used to hangout at McDonald's, we didn't have anywhere else. We'd visit friends working, I worked there. My friends would come in, I remember when my friend got her car she would go through the drive through with another friend and they'd be annoying over the drive thru and yell at me through the window 🤣 Good times, I feel bad for teenagers growing up in a pandemic :(
lilion Månad sedan
I live in the town next to where David grew up and it doesn’t have a reputation for being accepting and welcoming... not to mention my town was 40% Jewish.
Elizabeth Barreras
Elizabeth Barreras Månad sedan
It’s the hat for me
RobDM Månad sedan
Real yikes moment when Ethan said catholics dont get shit. Or white people in general. H3 is international, and anywhere in the world where a certain group of people are the minority, the will be bullying based on religion or ethnicity.
Dan W
Dan W Månad sedan
The boys have been really hard on Zach recently! Knock it out! We love you and your blond hair looks great dude!
aby g
aby g Månad sedan
Shannon Elizabeth
Shannon Elizabeth Månad sedan
1POINT5 Månad sedan
Hila not here for one episode and diarrhoea is the first topic
Flat Earth Philosophy
Flat Earth Philosophy Månad sedan
Ethan Klein: He protec He attac He’s dyslexic He’s autistic But most importantly He’s optimistic
Hatte Kelley
Hatte Kelley Månad sedan
@57:00 he said he’d eat a clump of his hair and they sold right? Is he gonna do it?
/V\/xXKINGXx/V\/ Månad sedan
Me, as a light skin Male got shit at schools i went to {most of which were hispanic majority} for my race and believe me when I say I wasn't a mean kid Cuz I used to listen to Christian rap and lived at a retirement home all my childhood. The worst that happened was getting jumped by half of class while on the floor was kicked in the head (luckily I'm still breathing lmao)
/V\/xXKINGXx/V\/ Månad sedan
Keep in mind most of my family are Hispanic and light skinned
tupak choprah
tupak choprah Månad sedan
In 5th grade, I saw a Jewish girl in my class eating snacks with a K symbol on it. I asked her if it meant the K-word. She turned red and was like "that's not a nice word." I'm glad she knew I was ignorant and not an antisemite. 😳 I asked my mom what it meant when I got home.
L C Månad sedan
1:45:06 I'm 99% sure the tweet was a case of miscommunication and ignorance. "Belong" has multiple definitions, one being "proper place" that was the majority interpretation, and another being "accepted/qualified." Since "Women belong in the kitchen" has been hammered into Americans as meaning "Women are supposed to be in the kitchen," that's what we immediately think of. Keep in mind that this is the UK's Burger King twitter. When you consider the other definition, the context given that it's for national women's day and their statistic of 20% chefs are women makes the tweet make sense. It's saying that it's acceptable for women to be chefs and they're qualified just as men are. To clarify the difference in an example, let's say a white male chef in a restaurant's kitchen says to a hispanic female chef "You don't belong here." Instead of interpreting this as "The kitchen isn't the proper place for a woman like you; this is mere coincidence as it's the job you chose," you'd probably think it means "You're not accepted here; go back to where you came from." We use "belong" differently depending on the context, but this UK employee seems to have been unaware of this particular offensive combination. I bet what happened was the employee made the tweet with good intentions, backlash happened, some PR employee who knew about the phrase took over for the confused employee, and an attempt was made to salvage the situation but failed just as badly. An unclarified deletion would make it look exactly how it was interpreted, while a thoroughly clarified response would make it look like back-peddling and as if it's everyone else's fault for misinterpreting with the wrong definition. A vague "We made a mistake, we're sorry, and our intention was just to bring attention to the 20% female chefs statistic" adequately states that it wasn't their intended message while avoiding people taking it as blame shifting.
dan jokess
dan jokess Månad sedan
1:37:40 cmon Dan I needed a maniacal Kenneth Copeland laugh right there
Tozyro Månad sedan
You guys chatting shit on the Queen was pretty weak. You all need to comprehend that that’s part of the British norms and traditions. It’s something we respect and admire. But not something which I expected you all to understand.
Yh Yh
Yh Yh Månad sedan
I love that Ethan is on the side of cancelling now - something he used to meme on, his whole 'sometimes a hypocrite is someone who is in the process of growing' idea of last year continues to get further and further away from him
Cassidy Warner
Cassidy Warner Månad sedan
I miss content court😢
Blastoyse Bulk
Blastoyse Bulk Månad sedan
I dig when the crew and Ethan talk about random shit like McDonals pancakes and Chick-Fil-A breakfast lmao
Matty Matt
Matty Matt Månad sedan
AB is glowing in that room bruh...
FABUGATTI Månad sedan
Who else never knew there was a k word
No Body
No Body Månad sedan
Maybe Ethan should take his own advice. He makes fun of Christians ALL THE TIME. Lack of self awareness.
Magic Plants
Magic Plants Månad sedan
sperz35 Månad sedan
I feel safe saying David was the one who threw the pennies after hearing that 13:40
Amanda Palmer
Amanda Palmer Månad sedan
The fact that nobody cares about what james Charles is doing to children INFURIATES me. the early views podcast was kinda great (In retrospect) Bc Jason calls out David’s trash attitude quite a bit. At least he tries to. He also understands and tells him to his face he is an immature kid. I think Jason is decent person. Not perfect but decent
Paige on Fleek
Paige on Fleek Månad sedan
Kat Gerard
Kat Gerard Månad sedan
Meghan and Harry only had kind things to say about the queen in that interview and emphasized it was neither the queen nor prince Phillip who brought up the topic of skin colour. I don't know if they are trying to protect her image but the admiration Harry had in speaking of his grandmother says otherwise.
am radio
am radio Månad sedan
Hear me out, James isn’t losing followers because his followers are young. And when you’re young you feel older in your mind so you don’t see an issue like you would when you are 10 years older and realize.
Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson Månad sedan
Is it just me, or does Ethan look like he's sat waiting for the barber to fuck his shit up..?
Senior In a golf cart
Senior In a golf cart Månad sedan
Why the heck would you keep eating something that gives you diarrhea every time!? 😖
Captain Oats
Captain Oats Månad sedan
Vape nash yall
Cierra S
Cierra S Månad sedan
I think Burger King is better now a days. The burgers aren’t bad. I prefer them over Mc Donald’s but that is just my opinion
HollowSnake Månad sedan
No lights anti lights yiiikes
Huth Wolf
Huth Wolf Månad sedan
'The whole royal family thing is odd' They don't do anything - Wrong They have no power - Wrong
Le Potato
Le Potato Månad sedan
I know this has nothing to do with the stream, but a black ant just got in my mouth while watching and drinking something. (They're the stinky ones) I'm traumatized.
Jenna Johnson
Jenna Johnson Månad sedan
David does such disturbing things that hearing what Jason went thru was nothing in his eyes.
XO.PiSTOLGRiP Månad sedan
XO.PiSTOLGRiP Månad sedan
XO.PiSTOLGRiP Månad sedan
XO.PiSTOLGRiP Månad sedan
shes too good for meeeeeeeeee
XO.PiSTOLGRiP Månad sedan
shes so perfect omg
XO.PiSTOLGRiP Månad sedan
XO.PiSTOLGRiP Månad sedan
i wasn't talking to u tf babe
XO.PiSTOLGRiP Månad sedan
im totally not a crackhead i promise
XO.PiSTOLGRiP Månad sedan
XO.PiSTOLGRiP Månad sedan
XO.PiSTOLGRiP Månad sedan
her laugh is so cute omfg
XO.PiSTOLGRiP Månad sedan
her names isabella like 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
XO.PiSTOLGRiP Månad sedan
not me
XO.PiSTOLGRiP Månad sedan
yo bro my girlfriend is absolutely fucking perfect wtf
Lighjy _
Lighjy _ Månad sedan
Vyvyan Cole
Vyvyan Cole Månad sedan
When Ethan started talking about the color of the baby I was dying 🤣🤣🤣
Garrett Guthrie
Garrett Guthrie Månad sedan
can someone put a timestamp on when ethan talks about selling vape nation??
InLikeSin Månad sedan
The guys only having 5 NFT’s each while Ethan has 250 is hilarious. Ethan wonders why people tease him about being a money grubber lol. Hey, we’re all money grabbers, get your money dude. Just saying, the disparity is *way* too much, I’m sure the guys could use the money more. I say this with peace and love, of course.
Random Rachael
Random Rachael Månad sedan
1:3310 That guy was correct when he said he was sorry, that's why his sorry ass walked off the stage
Kam Fam
Kam Fam Månad sedan
Jeffree star now has a NFT collection for sale on rariblecom
Maple Syrup
Maple Syrup Månad sedan
i love ethan but 21:00 words are actually just words. my family and mostly my poor father, God bless his soul. Suffered through some horrific acts of racism and assimilation in Manitoba canada. our reserves kept getting smaller, the residents kept getting angrier, the women were being kidnapped and killed. the men were resorting to crime. everytime i see protestors and activists who are so triggered by words it makes me want to give them a little bit of my life, just peer into my reality and words wouldnt even come close to hurting you. IDC what you guys believe ok but words cant cut thats a fact. if u think i’m wrong i beg one of you to try and kill me with wOrDs.
R C Månad sedan
Burger King is theeeeee Best man wtf
Stefan Creates
Stefan Creates Månad sedan
I love when ethan goes off on one of his impersonations and everyone is just sitting there and waiting for him, it's so funny to me :'D (and even funnier if Dan gets mad about it)
GoogleIsAPieceOfSh*t Månad sedan
Don't let that haircut get to your brain! Selling Vape Nation would be one of the biggest mistakes of your life!
naomi g
naomi g Månad sedan
😂😂 the fucking royals impression had me cryingggggg omg
James Dykes
James Dykes Månad sedan
Dan a hundred times: it’s a token Ethan: VaPe GoD COIN!!
Chonk Månad sedan
everybody gangsta till H3H3 sells out
Mike v
Mike v Månad sedan
Why does anyone still watch this? Ethan will go down as one of the most disingenuous sell outs in the history of SEpost. What a legendary fake.
Marina Black
Marina Black Månad sedan
Can't believe I have to be the first to ask this but: How is Zach a sound engineer if he doesn't know how to isolate the drops properly?
Beth Boyle
Beth Boyle Månad sedan
I eat breakfast inside mcdonald's sometimes!! I don't mind it at all
Prano Lang
Prano Lang Månad sedan
More wholesome Ethan videos comp.
Jonathan Provard
Jonathan Provard Månad sedan
I like the the guys discussing everything together on these Wednesday episodes it’s hilarious
blk KateMoss
blk KateMoss Månad sedan
Have you guys talked about FKA Twigs suing Shia LaBeauf for domestic and emotional abuse? I feel like the story isn’t getting any attention and it’s important to highlight Shia Labeouf being a piece of shit and hiding behind “method acting”. Read her Elle cover story it explains everything in a lot of detail.
Chula Paytas
Chula Paytas Månad sedan
Can someone help me find in which recent h3 Podcast Ethan impersonates ringo perfectly all the way through
Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson Månad sedan
Call your chipotle order the diarrito.
Levi G.
Levi G. Månad sedan
What a shitty episode. Wtf is this, more than one hour promoting this NFT garbage? Cool you are making money, it was fun the first 5 minutes, but making it that long was just depressing.
So She Did Community
So She Did Community Månad sedan
Bring out the color wheel 😭😭😂😂 that whole Royal family bit took me out 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mr Wax
Mr Wax Månad sedan
Piers Morgan didnt say shes lying he said "I don't believe a word". Just remember right, Meghan got accused of bullying the staff, and when they accused her, she said "They can't be believed." Whats the difference? 1 is a dutchess dismissing staff, the other is someone dismissing a dutchess. Dont be so quick to judge Pierce, even though he is a dick, . Edit: ngl this colour wheel sketch got me howling though hahahaha
Unlucky Angel
Unlucky Angel Månad sedan
Please call it off the rails!
Unlucky Angel
Unlucky Angel Månad sedan
AB: hash browns! Me: hell yeah!
borromorro Månad sedan
I loved the queen bit
G S R Månad sedan
I genuinely don't know what the K-word is. I am from south Africa and here it is a pretty racial slur, but I have a feeling that Zack is talking about another one.
Micheal Jones
Micheal Jones Månad sedan
The royal family are just seen as a novelty in England, they have no real power and all the “power” they do have is just for show. It’s like weird traditional theatre with funny hats and swords.
Cat Grrlz
Cat Grrlz Månad sedan
All the reflection on the post 9/11 Arab American hate and harassment, just sounds too familiar to the rise of Asian and specifically Chinese hate crime going on in the U.S. right now pinning the blame for the pandemic on Chinese Americans. It really disturbs me.
Haley Tibbs
Haley Tibbs Månad sedan
Petition for AB as co host on regular episodes
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