Humanity Is Doomed - H3 Podcast # 245

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Lil Peep Yes
Lil Peep Yes 7 timmar sedan
Wait. How come New Zealand doesn’t have any Covid ?
Arnaldo Capo
Arnaldo Capo 17 timmar sedan
Tucker suckssssssssss
Cheyanne bolluyt
Cheyanne bolluyt 20 timmar sedan
Ugh sorry but I’m not into the whole vaccine thing either!! I’m torn
Danyal Mohammad
Danyal Mohammad 23 timmar sedan
Ethan giving two of his employees a nice chair and acting surprised when the third one is upset
Alli Lee
Alli Lee 23 timmar sedan
y’all are so fucking annoying holy shot. how are y’all all fans of h3? like... ur all making comments about how zach/ABs ironic/satirical fight made them look spoiled and rude. like if u didn’t pick up on the fact that it was all a joke, idk how u enjoy this channels content if u can’t pick up on that.
izy Dag sedan
love off the rails
Grace Henderson
Grace Henderson Dag sedan
Are we really getting no off the rails Thursday pod this week, again? As a member I highly anticipate them Wednesday evening. DAN WHATS GOING ON?!
lasoob Dag sedan
Zach comes off as such a petty, spoilt little baby when they have these spats and Ethan backs him. Super weird arguing over a chair.
Solar Wind
Solar Wind Dag sedan
YT anti-sjw reactionary phase was a pure cringe. It's a shame there are people that still didn't grow up out of this crap
AR1279 Dag sedan
New title of the video... Zach being a whiny, childish asshole for 2:03:24.
Jackson Holleman
Jackson Holleman Dag sedan
Brandon Wilson
Brandon Wilson Dag sedan
"I will look like an asshole if I take it" Correct.
zee zee
zee zee Dag sedan
since when does moving make one entitled to a chair...? oh god i seriously can not deal, this episode is j watching some normal grown adults soothe a child having a tantrum
zee zee
zee zee Dag sedan
the whole chair fiasco is so painful to watch, no wonder AB is the heartthrob of the show he doesnt have a rotten and bratty attitude like zach -_- genuinely repulsed. N even if zach apologized it doesnt rly mean anything because its not like he made one mistake, thats j his personality and mindset. with peace and love zach needs DBT
Jake Martinez
Jake Martinez Dag sedan
Jackson Holleman
Jackson Holleman Dag sedan
aj Dag sedan
Chair debacle starts at 54:12
Bubbijs Dag sedan
Please tell me the whole chair bit is just a bit and played up. Usually I stick up for Zach, but this is pretty silly and ridiculous if he’s genuinely reacting that way.
Huh ?
Huh ? Dag sedan
Zach I love u period
Cainer J
Cainer J 2 dagar sedan
John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”
Elizabeth Hernandez
Elizabeth Hernandez 2 dagar sedan
zach has been so annoying lately it’s honestly insufferable 😐
Mighty Moon
Mighty Moon 2 dagar sedan
I want to see more of Ian’s cat. 🥺
Jackson Holleman
Jackson Holleman 2 dagar sedan
FlipLeTape 2 dagar sedan
Ouff, that chair drama lasted wayyyyyyyyy too long.
FlipLeTape 2 dagar sedan
I just skipped it at some point, but even just 10 minutes of it was so annoying and repetitive. I had to stop doing the dishes too just to skip it lol
Suzie W
Suzie W 2 dagar sedan
Ethan don’t you think Tucker is trolling?... obviously. Shows how ridiculous the far left react to things🙂
Grace Henderson
Grace Henderson Dag sedan
LOL do you think half of his audience even understand what trolling is? No. They believe his shit is genuine and that he's being "real" and that his rage is authentic and justified. No one who follows that phony fucker is laughing thinking it's all just a "troll" or a joke. Step back into reality and if this is how you think and feel quit watching H3.
Anthony Carrera
Anthony Carrera 2 dagar sedan
This is so cringe and is making it hard to watch! How could you miss this prank channel back then! They’re so cringey, you can tell it’s old by the shitty humor and cringe, you can tell what time era it is!
Anthony Carrera
Anthony Carrera 2 dagar sedan
I love that Ethan’s new bit is being the terminator! ETHAN IF YOU SEE THIS, I JUST WANTED YOU TO KNOW, I LOVE AND MISS THE ITALIAN MOB BOSS BIT!
Anthony Carrera
Anthony Carrera 2 dagar sedan
I love you Zach but I’m on AB’s side! Also I agree with Ethan I think this is more deep rooted than just wanting the chair! With peace and love, I love you but you went too long and caused so much trouble between everyone! Like you either really wanted the chair or didn’t, no reason to debate or argue!
TheGlacier 2 dagar sedan
Ethan is in the sauce again like he told us in the beginning. He really should get a grip on reality.
Jack Noch
Jack Noch 2 dagar sedan
Hmmmm... should I listen to Joe Rogan or to a fat dude with weird tiks who obviously makes a lot of bad life choices for his own health from the get-go?? Leeeet me think for half a millisecond...
Fauli -BadAim-
Fauli -BadAim- 3 dagar sedan
Wow was he always a leftist because i remember him being pretty centric
Morgan Dilley
Morgan Dilley 3 dagar sedan
Dude Zach pisses me off so much in this!! Like dude for real what is WRONG WITH you?!?!? It’s a fucking chair and AB shouldn’t have given it too him cause “it didn’t fit” big baby man
Lovatic Forever
Lovatic Forever 3 dagar sedan
zach is really whiney
Christina Gozzo
Christina Gozzo 3 dagar sedan
yall really need to be nicer to AB
Christina Gozzo
Christina Gozzo 3 dagar sedan
and zach acting like a child twords ab makes me a lil sick
Paloma C
Paloma C 3 dagar sedan
dragvandil 3 dagar sedan
wwith peace and love... zack has been so annoying lately
M G 3 dagar sedan
zach is entertaining and hilarious
Kyle Shore
Kyle Shore 3 dagar sedan
Lmao Ethan getting emotional 😭
soph gee
soph gee 3 dagar sedan
that whole chair conversation felt like I was watching a court case or something
Roxie Hart
Roxie Hart 3 dagar sedan
I don’t know if this was planned but it was stressing me out. In a bad way like trauma was creeping through.
Eucis93 3 dagar sedan
Zach taking the chair from AB doesn't make him look like an asshole, being mad at AB for no reason 3 episodes in a row makes him look like an asshole.
Rugby League Live PS4
Rugby League Live PS4 3 dagar sedan
I watched this to see how people who don’t know anything think.
Senor Gristle
Senor Gristle 3 dagar sedan
who keeps triggering the obnoxious laugh clip every 8 seconds/ its making your stuff unwatchable :(
seewolf 3 dagar sedan
Zach is such a fucking narcissist he's convinced that everyone else is doing things just to make themselves look good and he's going to look bad. It's hilarious but we love him for it.
Kevin G
Kevin G 3 dagar sedan
Let's not forget the OUTDOOR Sturgis Bike Rally. Shit was the superspreader of all superspreaders.
Katerina Siamidis
Katerina Siamidis 4 dagar sedan
Ethan, I enjoy your channel but you really need to take a step back and realize how hypocritical you are. You slam conservatives for extreme statements but it is somehow okay for you to make extreme statements against them. For example, saying that all Republicans hate transgender people is extreme. Look in the mirror, bro.
La Genji
La Genji 4 dagar sedan
zach is such a huge douche lmao
Ash Kulak
Ash Kulak 4 dagar sedan
Y are you so mad Ethan?
katyk105 4 dagar sedan
Day 52 of me trying to be wifed by Zach.
papa Boove
papa Boove 4 dagar sedan
"this really isnt about the chair" dan is always right
997jdub 4 dagar sedan
Used to love these guys. But when they went political it took all of the fun out of it. Stick to what you know, and stop dividing people H3H3, you’re apart of the problem now congrats.
Lainie Addison
Lainie Addison 4 dagar sedan
take a shot every time someone says chair
Becca Beer
Becca Beer 4 dagar sedan
no it’s literally disgusting when joe says that stuff. my dad died as a 44 yr old man and the most healthiest guy in the world. he worked out every day, was one of the best flag football quarterbacks in the country, and had no previous health issues. no one is immune from covid; stop acting like you are.
War Movie Vet
War Movie Vet 4 dagar sedan
Funny how Ethan openly admits he's a shill pandering to SJW cringe vids, then flip flopping to the woke corporate bs cause thats what keeps the money flowing on youtube. Anything for a dollar huh Ethan? Remember when you said you were bi-partisan? Way to go alienating your fans.
SantosZox 4 dagar sedan
I tried for a while to not say anything but literally every time Ethan says the "tuck" thing I am cringing so damn hard.... sorry to be "sjw" here oh the irony... but seriously the ignorance and transphobia is real. Yeah he threw in a "not that there's anything wrong with that" but still. To hear that said as an insult over and over again just broke my heart. And I know Ethan loves everyone and isn't transphobic but he should just stop and think about some things he says and what it is rooted in..
Sakura .K
Sakura .K 4 dagar sedan
Free Palestine 🇵🇸
ED 4 dagar sedan
Zach's the kid who says it's time to go home when he has to find people in hide and seek
Kermit Adkins
Kermit Adkins 4 dagar sedan
Stop playing that fucking laugh in the background. Omg it’s unbearable when you play it 450 times in an hour.
luomio 4 dagar sedan
I stop watching H3H3 for a year. I return to find out that Ethan turned into a fat SJW.
Jent Strange
Jent Strange Timme sedan
jackson schmitt
jackson schmitt 4 dagar sedan
How does it not bother the shit out of anyone else they just abused that little laugh on the soundboard....
Owen Ent
Owen Ent 4 dagar sedan
You guys should have a talk because some of the shit you say... a guy mentions replacement is therefore a white nationalist.
Owen Ent
Owen Ent 4 dagar sedan
Damn, I watch one video from this guy years ago, and now he has ballooned in weight and gone full left! But I guess to make that mainstream bank
Sarah Shaw-Sehgal
Sarah Shaw-Sehgal 4 dagar sedan
Holy shit, amazing to hear Ethan talk about his anti- SJW era. It's the reason I totally lost interest in H3 and became embarrassed to be associated with them and unsubbed. LOVE this new era, LOVE Ethan and Hila and Trish and the loving way they live their life now. Fucking here for it!!!
4 dagar sedan
Pick up your trash
auxymorons 4 dagar sedan
At the end of the day, Razer got every penny’s worth out of those 2 gifted chairs 😂😂😂😂😂
Salted Mouthbrow
Salted Mouthbrow 5 dagar sedan
time to tank zachs footscore i guess
Roiqk Me
Roiqk Me 5 dagar sedan
Trump 2024 🇺🇸
Raiyana Islam
Raiyana Islam 5 dagar sedan
Hey I’d really appreciate if the podcast starts a conversation about what’s happening in Palestine right now. I’m sure you guys are aware of Israel government’s assault on innocent Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah. Since there’s a lot of young audience watching the podcast it’ll be a great way of educating and spreading awareness about this topic. Families are being dragged out of their homes and Israeli soldiers are bombing peaceful protests and mosques. This is a crime against humanity and they do not deserve this!!!
Michael Reineke
Michael Reineke 5 dagar sedan
Glad Ethan didn't follow the whole anti-SJW thing off a cliff. Also, the less friends you have, the less friends who can ask you to help them move...
Paloma C
Paloma C 5 dagar sedan
The first time I saw Tucker i thought it was a SNL satirical skit🤣
yeahokwhateverbrolol 5 dagar sedan
Ethan and hila will be milquetoast daytime tv presenters within 8 years screencap this.
Douglas Newbury
Douglas Newbury 5 dagar sedan
It's funny to see people in the comments actually take this chair incident seriously lol
Glenn Quag
Glenn Quag 5 dagar sedan
Wow when did you turn into such a piece of crap? Tucker was being satirical when he said people should call the cops on mask wearers but his point is spot on. We know masks are not necessary outdoors with or without being vaccinated. And for people with compromised immune systems that could be felled by the common cold or flu they got by this whole time before the pandemic without everyone wearing a mask.
lil ill
lil ill 5 dagar sedan
u should rename your podcast the libtard experience
Matty G
Matty G 5 dagar sedan
how does this horse shit get on my reccomendations from Matt and Shane's secret podcast?! come on youtube this is garbage
Aidan M
Aidan M 5 dagar sedan
This episode really shows Zach's true colors😂 and he literally just moved out of his parents house😂 just go ask mommie bro
Adelina G
Adelina G 5 dagar sedan
i love this fight it is fun
mystery 478
mystery 478 5 dagar sedan
I love Ian and Dan so much lol. Everytime it cuts back to Ian he is doing something else or something smart lol
Mafe Cleves
Mafe Cleves 5 dagar sedan
The moment the chair conversation started, thats when Zach became the asshole
Kyle Dressel
Kyle Dressel 5 dagar sedan
Does it annoy anyone else that frenemies gets millions of views and the podcasts without her don't even reach one million at times?
Lil Yomp
Lil Yomp 5 dagar sedan
The comments gotta lay off zach bro 💀
Valori Joy
Valori Joy 6 dagar sedan
I'm immunosuppressed. You can still get the covid vaccine. Idk where you're getting this information...
yensie 6 dagar sedan
How is zach an adult and still acting like a child?
lilly s
lilly s 6 dagar sedan
I don’t like how Zach is always problematic lately. I used to like him but he clearly hates AB . He’s always so annoying now and he dyed his hair and his face is looking all weird he isn’t cute anymore either lol . He’s just jealous tbh .
NvrStpGaming 6 dagar sedan
Zach out here starting all this A-Beef
Black L
Black L 6 dagar sedan
Zach: “if I take the chair, I’ll look like an asshole” All of us watching : “you already do tho”
Black L
Black L 6 dagar sedan
Zach, that’s too much to ask for to give up a nice comfortable chair from AB. He’s your friend not your mom.
Osh_93 6 dagar sedan
That’s true. Doomed indeed. Hila did help with that too being in a terrorist group that has 0 human traits
Serena Roderick
Serena Roderick 6 dagar sedan
Zach should be stoked getting his own place, dream job, great friends, and yet hes obsessed with this victim narrative, the way he treats AB sucks, even if it's a joke
Nat Jade
Nat Jade 6 dagar sedan
Zack is soooooo petty. He’s obviously embarrassed that AB had receipts and it telling the truth. He’s defending himself like hell and AB shows how he knows he’s right. You can tell Zack doesn’t like AB and it’s hard to watch because he’s embarrassing himself with this kid fight for a CHAIRRRR
The -FlatEarth
The -FlatEarth 6 dagar sedan
I’m a retard idiot who doesn’t understand science that’s why I think vaccines and mask are stupid.
weirddough 6 dagar sedan
i can’t believe they air stuff like that on the news
Kyle Dressel
Kyle Dressel 6 dagar sedan
Zach's being a big baby
Cynetyc 6 dagar sedan
1:03:46 Three chairs for H2H3 under the sky, Seven for Ethan in his halls of stone, Nine for Mortal crew doomed to die, One for Ethan on his dark throne In the Land of H3H3 where the Shadows lie. One Chair to rule them all, One Chair to find them, One Chair to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them, In the Land of H3H3 where the Shadows lie.
Another Droid
Another Droid 6 dagar sedan
Get vaccinated all you want, but stop promoting it as a panacea. It doesn’t cover many strains effectively and if vaccinated people go around licking doorknobs they’re going to be the very people who are the Petri dishes for new strains. Be responsible.
Kyle Dressel
Kyle Dressel 6 dagar sedan
I don't think they're claiming that at all. They mentioned this very episode that Zach was exposed by someone who had it AFTER getting the vaccine. But vaccines have eradicated diseases before and it could be done again if people weren't so stubborn and caught up in political movements and actually thought about the impact on their fellow humans
Meme NN
Meme NN 6 dagar sedan
Early 2020 (Mar-May) I used to not wear a mask and a person did confront me. Late May to present I always wear a mask though.
Beth Boyle
Beth Boyle 7 dagar sedan
The talk about the chair is way better than the talk about fucking covid
James. T Russworm
James. T Russworm 7 dagar sedan
The most despicable people alive according to h3: tucker Carlson, James Charles, David Dobrik, Keemstar.
Nani Shindeiru
Nani Shindeiru 7 dagar sedan
Man just get rid of Zach at this point. He’s super annoying and thinks he’s entitled to everything. I’m glad Dan spoke up about him moving and getting a damn chair.
brandon sandwich
brandon sandwich 7 dagar sedan
y’all hating on zach are fuckin weird. you don’t know these people and they don’t know you lol. they’re clearly having fun
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