David Dobrik & James Charles Drama Apocalypse - Frenemies #23

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Meow Glab
Meow Glab Timme sedan
It’s Philip DeFranco bet
Kittyinabix 16 timmar sedan
I think Jason has a humiliation fetish because he seems to get gratification from embarrassing people
Chelsea Mandarin
Chelsea Mandarin 18 timmar sedan
1:00:07 is so funny😂😂😂😂
Stage 161217
Stage 161217 20 timmar sedan
'Yes I love this show' 'MmMMMHHh'
Lila Jordan
Lila Jordan 21 timme sedan
The whimsical retailer perplexingly jump because sheep rarely rejoice over a thin magician. evasive, rapid pot
An. Kras.
An. Kras. 23 timmar sedan
Trisha is right. Ethan is fatphobic 🍔 its kind of internalized fatphobia.
Jelimo Kaitany
Jelimo Kaitany Dag sedan
So Ethan, with peace and love, you sound ignorant saying you can call someone unhealthy based on weight.
Flor Perez
Flor Perez Dag sedan
Tbh I’m on ethanes side about the whole “fat” conversation 👀. P.s Im not skinny so I can relate to him and his thoughts Bc that’s exactly how I feel about myself
Molly Forster
Molly Forster Dag sedan
Lmao i feel like jason has a humiliation/public degration kink
Scott Thomas
Scott Thomas Dag sedan
DAMN Ethan be looking more like Elton John here
Sydnee Button
Sydnee Button Dag sedan
*if you have to ask them how old they are, maybe they're too young for you James*
Cainer J
Cainer J 2 dagar sedan
John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”
Zachary Bell
Zachary Bell 2 dagar sedan
Ethan singing bye bye bye and dancing is the funniest shit I’ve seen in a minute
Loocey May
Loocey May 2 dagar sedan
Ethan talking over trisha promoting the sponsor was so frustrating LOL
osquido 2 dagar sedan
Omg who are the crazy messages to Ethan from?!? I’m an idiot.
Michaelyn Walker
Michaelyn Walker 3 dagar sedan
Wish TRISHA had a different podcast partner or whatever you call it. His voice is just depressing idk doesn't vibe well with you for me at least. Edit: & I posted that before hearing him rudly interupt her
Seamnie 3 dagar sedan
don’t mind me, just saving my place. 1:36:35
Megan Kimberly
Megan Kimberly 3 dagar sedan
I think Trisha is right. "Beautiful at every size" is a movement, no one is calling it "healthy", EXCEPT people who are trying to argue why fat people shouldn't love their bodies, because their not healthy. But you wouldn't say that to a binge drinking teenager, that they don't deserve to love their body because they're not healthy, but people do say that to binge eaters. Because its not the health issue that haters don't like, it is simply, the fat.
RADBeet 3 dagar sedan
We all know who he who must not be named is lmao
Payton Emmons
Payton Emmons 3 dagar sedan
I’m fat too but y’all make me feel a lil better bout it. I love you guys
Lilith Bloom
Lilith Bloom 4 dagar sedan
letizia -
letizia - 5 dagar sedan
1:00:00 , 2:09:00 , 2:12:00 the highlights of this episode
wig 5000
wig 5000 5 dagar sedan
1:00:03 I’ve never seen Trisha laugh this hard 😭♥️
Lauren Greene
Lauren Greene 6 dagar sedan
ethan looks so good here
BAIT 6 dagar sedan
“This is getting old” the 1 out of 5 million people lol
Elektra Fischer
Elektra Fischer 6 dagar sedan
I want this to keep going for four years !
BeeHive RobloxArmy
BeeHive RobloxArmy 6 dagar sedan
I love this show!
alex 6 dagar sedan
This Seth situation makes me livid and it’s so disgusting
doie !?
doie !? 6 dagar sedan
Loretta 6 dagar sedan
Okay I understand where Ethan is coming from, but it is wrong to look at Trish and be like “you’re out of shape.” Because of her weight. You’re using stereotypes to make your judgement. If I just lost 100 pounds but was still “fat” but I lost my weight through working out and dieting, then I’d be quote on quote “healthy,” even though I am still “fat” because I’d be in shape and eating what I needed, but nobody would know that just because I’m fat and society treats fat people as lazy, unhealthy, and disgusting even though that’s not always the case.
Michael 6 dagar sedan
I think he’s going to show up to my house and try to fight me. Trish: That’s kind of everything
Sleepy Sounds
Sleepy Sounds 7 dagar sedan
adam and eve sponsorship on a tombstone 😂😂😂 honestly not a bad idea
Stephanie Maree
Stephanie Maree 7 dagar sedan
Not me rewatching this episode. Iconic. So funny and also teary at the rolls peeps. Ugh this show is my lifeline sometimes
bby koo
bby koo 7 dagar sedan
Ethan looks like hes about to preform blue hour and trisha looks like shes about preform cant stop me
ルナIn space
ルナIn space 5 dagar sedan
Ellen Organic
Ellen Organic 7 dagar sedan
Cake pop energy
mariam Hilal
mariam Hilal 7 dagar sedan
24 :11 why does ethan sound like bob frpm Bob's burger, they also kind of look alike
Danilicious Beers
Danilicious Beers 7 dagar sedan
trisha body shaming is shitty and you should be happy with your body but denying or down playing health risks enables unhealthy behavior and is just not truthful or realistic. yes you can be also unhealthy when being skinny but a lot of medical conditions come with being obese
hbh Tcr
hbh Tcr 7 dagar sedan
Hey Trisha, those sound like intrusive thoughts. I get the same thing like “grab that knife and slice it through your arm” I have other but they’re way too dark to put on here imo. But yeah therapy and medication FTW. Lmao
Wolf-Pack-PRO 7 dagar sedan
Why tf is trisha flexing low blood pressure, bruh that's still bad
Sarah Cashen
Sarah Cashen 7 dagar sedan
I don't mean to be that person, but I'm concerned Trisha will do to the psychotic disorder community what she did to the DID community. Like, I know she's grown since that incident, but in the little time she talked about schizophrenia here she already spread misinformation about it and cast it in a terrifying light (as if we needed help looking like people who hurt ourselves and others because demons told us to). Peace and love, but I'm scared for my community. Edit: That sounds super negative. I'm glad she's talking to someone about it and she has friends to ground her.
Nicole Boudrot
Nicole Boudrot 7 dagar sedan
Trisha thinking she’s healthy 😒😩
Beck Ham
Beck Ham 8 dagar sedan
I'm here for Ethan's rendition of Bye Bye Bye :'D
sexyliltiger 8 dagar sedan
Trisha crying over the peeps made me cry over the peeps... Also I love that IAN AND HIS GF made them together because they're just as happy and in love too brb *sobs*
Alicia 8 dagar sedan
California changed the so registration rules. Thank newsome. It happened last summer while everyone was distracted.
Melanie Cardenas
Melanie Cardenas 8 dagar sedan
roogle 9 dagar sedan
Letting David lead an anti bullying tour is like having a ‘Beautiful masked young lady teaches French kissing’ booth & it’s actually a perverse old man in disguise.
Harry Toeface
Harry Toeface 9 dagar sedan
Editing...if you care so much about the recipe...
Martyna 9 dagar sedan
i dont understand why the vlog squad and other shitty entitled youtubers got so popular in the first place. its sad that kids or who-tf-ever is watching their videos actually think that how these youtubers act is okay or appropriate.
Christian Ray Cometa
Christian Ray Cometa 9 dagar sedan
Bubblegum Notgay
Bubblegum Notgay 10 dagar sedan
how is frenemies the most wholesome podcast on SEpost-
Alli Lee
Alli Lee 10 dagar sedan
it’s def confirmed that phillip is the one who texted ethan, when ethan lists off who covered the david scandal, trisha goes “ha” when ethan lists phillip like u can tell she’s holding back saying something
Loes Van der laken
Loes Van der laken 10 dagar sedan
trisha laughing while talking about those teachers who molestedu her, breaks my heart
Melissa Plett
Melissa Plett 10 dagar sedan
I love Ethan telling Trish he loves her without saying it like "I love this podcast id rather your here"
Katie 10 dagar sedan
i love everything about this show and i seriously can’t stop watching. you guys are the best.
gamze 10 dagar sedan
wow i really became a member this is so fun
Hannah 10 dagar sedan
okay i’ve had the strangest revelation, but jason and david both have the same bdays as my last 2 exes: may 23 & july 23 and now that i see the similarities and crossovers in behaviors i can’t UNSEE IT
hbh Tcr
hbh Tcr 7 dagar sedan
I kinda relate because my ex was a Leo and had Gemini placements and he was the most sociopathic person I’ve ever met. Zero remorse, never heard of the word sorry, gigantic ego. And he STILL tries to manipulate me to this day. Also a sex addict
Nichole Munoz
Nichole Munoz 10 dagar sedan
I have the same problem with those voices. But I have no one to really talk to about professionally.
Chiara Girolami
Chiara Girolami 10 dagar sedan
I'm definitely late to this but hold on a second... age does not equal mental maturity or any immediate behavioural changes. If a person is friends with someone younger or older there's nothing wrong with that. Are 18-year-olds supposed to shut out any of their minor friends the minute the clock strikes 12? Saying that friendships between vastly different ages are inappropriate is a generalization based on the events you talked about in this podcast but it in no way should be regarded as absolute truth. I do, however, think there should be supervision when we are talking about minors being friends with much older people.
Andrew 10 dagar sedan
god trisha is speaking facts about bigger people like oh my gosh preach
Jazmine Juarez
Jazmine Juarez 10 dagar sedan
When trisha said "doing an onision documentary no one cares about" made me burst out laughing lmaooo
Nolyn Noel
Nolyn Noel 10 dagar sedan
the fact that ethan saw that she posted that picture and then made them for her is so sweet oh my god
Katie 10 dagar sedan
you guys look so good in these fits
Shawn Perez
Shawn Perez 10 dagar sedan
-41:15 “let’s go get him , we got him” -Ethan 😂😂
Jai Li
Jai Li 11 dagar sedan
This is getting old
Jordee23 11 dagar sedan
ethan, barstool is big,
isabella santiago
isabella santiago 11 dagar sedan
i feel like the mystery texts were from jonah< srry not srry h3h3
isabella santiago
isabella santiago 11 dagar sedan
Trisha literally said in another episode "I'm glad were both FAT so we can joke abt it together without me getting triggered" I love Trisha soo much but whenever someone confronts her with a valid issue she goes on attack victim complex mode and denies denies denies.
kaydeav 11 dagar sedan
lane darling
lane darling 12 dagar sedan
Please don’t leave me alone in this world with a black rolls royce 🥺🖤 ……..not at least for another four years till the lease expires Me: oh…☹️
Amyra Davies
Amyra Davies 12 dagar sedan
Oh tall are so fucking funny lol I love trisha
Moss 12 dagar sedan
This episode is a perfect intro to this podcast.
naomi b
naomi b 12 dagar sedan
Trish is making points in the fat phobia discussion
Ary Rios
Ary Rios 12 dagar sedan
So no one's gonna ask what the actual fu*k 26:51 was?
juavicam 12 dagar sedan
That was a proper amount of salt for the pasta water.
hbh Tcr
hbh Tcr 12 dagar sedan
Trisha the pill for u to wake up 100 pounds is called amphetamines 😭 but yeah same but also I’m on lexapro like Ethan and he’s right. It’s much better being happier than skinny
eli green
eli green 13 dagar sedan
2:14:36 -2:15:15
Morgan P.
Morgan P. 13 dagar sedan
I love you guys & this podcast 🤩
vettmjr 13 dagar sedan
The way Ethan talks through Trisha’s issues and concerns about her mental health and past experiences is actually helping me understand ways to be more empathetic and understand better ways to respond and reassure someone that your care and you hear them.. coming from someone who was never shown emotional support or had examples of this growing up, I really appreciate being shown how to do this successfully and how it can really help someone. I’m looking forward to using this with my partner as he had a similar experience growing up and struggles to do the same..
Naomi O
Naomi O 13 dagar sedan
You two look incredible here!
Kirst 13 dagar sedan
Trisha literally rekt him on fatphobia
Najat Alfahham
Najat Alfahham 13 dagar sedan
You guys are helping me live my skinny life I HaTE working out since I found this channel a month ago I walk every Day whole (near enough) podcast even repeats it’s fine and I’m doing it yessss
Sleepyclown 13 dagar sedan
59:57 thank me later
c mcc
c mcc 13 dagar sedan
“Being fat is very hard...its very hard” Yes, Ethan.
piltschze 14 dagar sedan
trisha looks sooo good with the blonde brows
Evelyn Forslund
Evelyn Forslund 14 dagar sedan
Sorry but you can’t go cold turkey on heroin either, it’s really dumb to spread false information
Kailey Burr
Kailey Burr 14 dagar sedan
trish please be okay
errrm edgar
errrm edgar 14 dagar sedan
ethans hair is soooo yellow LOL
Alexander Bruno
Alexander Bruno 14 dagar sedan
this is BY FAR my favorite episode lmfao i love how goofy they are
maryann 14 dagar sedan
the way trisha got so happy when ethan brought out the custom rolls royes driving peeps
pocky sticks
pocky sticks 15 dagar sedan
1:00:02 ethan smiling bc he made trisha laugh so hard is so wholesome
Cameron Hawley
Cameron Hawley 15 dagar sedan
I want that first bite :((((
Maisie Webb
Maisie Webb 15 dagar sedan
I don’t know enough about the science to say Ethan is wrong but there is definitely an argument rooted in science that being fat doesn’t make you less healthy. I was a sociology major and one of the girls in my class did her final project on this and essentially there are statistics that show that fat-phobia is so ingrained in our society that it bleed into medicine and doctors look at patients who are overweight and automatically attribute their issues to their weight. This leads to many other health issues being undiagnosed or misdiagnosed which then leads to incorrect statistics that reinforces that the doctors were right when they end up having poor health outcomes because they were told to lose weight for something that should have been treated medically. The doctors then believe they were right to think that heavier people have poor health outcomes. There are also other elements like fat people avoiding the doctors and medical attention because they get fat shamed during every encounter. The argument also points to other variables like inactivity and poor diet being more accurately able to predict poor health outcomes - however the mistake we make is assuming that you can look at a person and know whether they are in good shape or eat well. Saying that fatness is an indicator of poor health is therefore problematic in my opinion but again I didn’t do the research so I can’t say for sure 🤷🏻‍♀️
Faye T
Faye T 16 dagar sedan
I absolutely hate Jasons voice. It soucds creepy and weird and just makes me so scared. Everything about him just rubs off the wrong way.
Sonya Diaz de Leon
Sonya Diaz de Leon 16 dagar sedan
The commitment issues LOL same Trish
Extraordinarily Ordinary
Extraordinarily Ordinary 16 dagar sedan
Does anyone else think that “the voices” Trish is hearing are just intrusive thoughts? I think that’s part of bpd and depression. Idk though.
Hubbubaa 16 dagar sedan
Ok the Peep bit was so wholesome 😭
Mattea Claire
Mattea Claire 16 dagar sedan
“the fatties are coming for me” trishas real laugh after that gave me LIFE
srsrsr 16 dagar sedan
drawing a conclusion about somebody cus theyre fat is literally the definition of fatphobia. yes trisha!
Extraordinarily Ordinary
Extraordinarily Ordinary 17 dagar sedan
Ethan, please stop discrediting women when they tell you a man is being misogynistic to them. WE KNOW WHEN MEN ARE BEING MISOGYNISTIC. smh.
thomas krys
thomas krys 17 dagar sedan
“Mmm. I don’t like the demon voices.”
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